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The causes of more than ten thousand deaths of Chinese sturgeon

The causes of more than ten thousand deaths of Chinese sturgeon Recently, the fishpond of a fish farmer in a village of Heyuan City was suspected of poisoning people, which directly caused the sudden death of thousands of Chinese sturgeons in a cluster of six, causing direct economic losses of more than 500000. What's the matter? Let's have a look.

The Chinese sturgeon, suspected of being poisoned, floated in the pond.

According to police officer Huang of Wuyuan town police station in Heping County, the morning before yesterday, the Institute received a report from Zou Xin, the owner of the Chinese sturgeon farm in liuwuling, Sankeng water natural village, Shanxia village, Wuyuan Town, saying that his farm was suspected of being poisoned from about 11:00 p.m. to about 0:40 a.m. on the night of Qingming Festival, resulting in the death of more than 10000 Chinese sturgeons in 6 ponds, totaling more than 20000 Jin.

Yellow police said that after receiving the report, on the one hand, the Institute reported the situation level by level to the county and city public security criminal police, on the other hand, it sent the case handling police and technicians from the local aquaculture department to the scene for investigation. After on-site detection by technicians, it preliminarily ruled out the possibility of pool fish death caused by water quality and epidemic diseases, but in the process of investigation, it was found that there were poison fish and rattan drugs killing pool fish It is believed that Zou believed that the Chinese sturgeon was poisoned by others.