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Schedule of 2018 UEFA Cup Semi Final the 2017-18 European Cup semi-final will start on April 27, and the two popular Atletico and Arsenal will encounter in advance, which will be the first European match between the two teams. Marseille pulls to black horse Salzburg.

Schedule of 2018 UEFA Cup semi-finals:

First round

27 April 03:05 Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid

April 27 03:05 Marseille vs Salzburg Red Bull

Second round

May 4 03:05 Salzburg Red Bull vs Marseille

4 may 03:05 Atletico Madrid vs Arsenal

The semi-finals of the two rounds will be held in the early hours of April 27 and May 4, and the winner will enter the final. This season's Europa League final is scheduled to be held in Lyon, France, in the early morning of May 17, Beijing time.