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What are the winning and losing conditions of the fifth personality cellar? Why did you fail to jump

Four seas network: Wang Rongyao's new version has not only ushered in a new season, but also updated a shooter's top equipment - Breaking Dawn. Basically no! It is a necessary equipment for all archers, and it also has some influence on current Archer players. For example, guarua is a professional archer. Next, guarua will share the outfit of several Archer heroes.

1. Hou Yi, di Renjie

This hero has to say that he has a very strong ability to stick to people. In the later stage, he output a real Pop Watch, but he is also a Sagittarius hero who rarely can't play. As a hero who relies on ordinary attacks for output, naturally it should be put in the back. Similarly, di Renjie, Luban, etc. Recommended order: fast boot + eschatology + endless blade + Breaking Dawn + pure sky + resurrection armor

2. Gongsunli, Li Yuanfang

Gongsunli's output is indeed not high, which can be seen from the winning rate. However, through the development of playing methods, gongsunli who plays wild also seems to have improved some output space? But melons still like to go down the road. Although gongsunli is a general attack output, but the skill passivity is more important. It is recommended to equip a general attack flow: rapid boot + eschatology + shadow blade + lightning dagger + Breaking Dawn + famous sword. Recommended equipment: two critical strike streams: fast boot + greedy bite + bloody blade + dawn breaking + famous blade

3. Bai Li keeps his promise, Yu Ji

The Sagittarius who relies on skill to eat, breaks out first-class, the appearance of this kind of hero is naturally different from the hero above. Basically, the first one is the shadow Tomahawk, and then the fast boot + breaking the army + ruling edge + breaking the dawn + end of the world.