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How to drink lotus leaf tea to lose weight

Sihaiwang: lotus leaf is regarded as a good medicine for beauty and slimming, so lotus leaf has many functions and benefits. It is suitable for people who are lack of exercise, weak in constitution and easy to catch cold. So how to drink lotus leaf tea correctly to lose weight?

Can I have lotus leaf tea in the evening

If you want to drink lotus leaf tea in the evening, it doesn't matter if you drink it properly.

Lotus leaf tea can be different from ordinary black tea or green tea. Although it is also called tea literally, its brewing method is very similar to tea, but in fact, its ingredients are quite different. Lotus leaf mainly contains vitamin C, polysaccharide, etc. from the chemical composition point of view, lotus leaf does not contain anything that makes people unable to sleep, so the concept of not drinking lotus leaf tea before sleep is incorrect. At the same time, lotus leaf tea also does not contain calories, it will not have any impact on weight loss.

Therefore, you can drink lotus leaf tea properly before you go to bed, especially if you are busy with your work and have time in the evening. At this time, you can drink a cup of lotus leaf tea.

The right way to drink lotus leaf tea

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Hawthorn lotus leaf tea

Materials: Hawthorn 5 money, lotus leaf 3 money, red date 2 ~ 3.

Method: Boil 500ml boiled water, put all materials in it, boil for about 5 minutes, and then drink the dregs.

Efficacy: Hawthorn lotus leaf tea can reduce body fat, invigorate the spleen, lower blood pressure, clear the heart, prevent obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases. Gastrointestinal function is weak, add red dates to make tea drink peaceful and good.

2. Rose lotus leaf slimming tea

Materials: Rose, Luoshen flower, stevia, tangerine peel, cassia seed, lotus leaf.

Method: A. first place the material in a pot and stir with boiling water for one minute, mainly to clean the material. Then pour out the water.

b. Add some water, boil in high heat and simmer for a few minutes.

Efficacy: Rose lotus leaf tea contains a variety of natural herbal ingredients, which can strengthen fat metabolism, help your stomach and intestines smooth, drive waste and toxins out of the body, and make your body light and natural.

3. Winter melon and lotus leaf tea

Materials: wax gourd skin, lotus leaf.

Method: mix the skin of winter melon and lotus leaf according to the ratio of 1:2, add some water and simmer for 5-6 minutes before drinking.

Efficacy: lotus root, lotus root, has diuretic effect, and its leaves should have the same effect. The wax gourd and lotus leaf have the functions of removing greasiness, diuresis and oil scraping.

4. Jasmine lotus leaf tea

Ingredients: 3 G green tea, 3 G Jasmine, 1 lotus leaf

Method: cut lotus leaves into small pieces. Put the lotus leaf and the other two materials into the pot, add some water and fry for about 5 minutes, then drink.

Efficacy: effectively dispel the excess heat of the body, and improve the symptoms of dizziness and chest tightness.

5. Orange peel lotus leaf tea

Materials: 500g orange peel, 500g lotus leaf, 100g job's tears, 100g hawthorn;

Method: wash the fresh lotus leaves, cut them into silk and dry them. Then we will study the tangerine peel, hawthorn and Yiren together as the fine end; then we will study the tangerine peel, hawthorn and Yiren together as the fine end. Mix with lotus leaf and divide into 100 bags.

Efficacy: it can mainly treat phlegm dampness obesity (phlegm dampness obesity is mainly manifested in the feeling of getting up early and having phlegm in the throat, getting fat when drinking water, being heavy, having more bad water, being sticky, being easy to feel sticky all over the body, like mud, sleeping) by adding several pieces of tangerine peel to lotus leaf tea which can reduce weight, then it can treat phlegm dampness obesity.

Notes on drinking lotus leaf tea to lose weight

1. Anemia, hypotension, lactation, pregnancy, children under 6 years old. In addition, you can't drink lotus leaf tea during menstruation.

2. When drinking lotus leaf tea to lose weight, you'd better choose to drink it between meals. Don't drink lotus leaf tea at the same time of eating time, so as not to affect food digestion.

3. Lotus leaf tea doesn't work for everyone. Some people are allergic to the ingredients in lotus leaf, so we should pay attention to it at the beginning, try to drink it first, and then make sure that we won't be allergic to the lotus leaf tea.

4. Drink lotus leaf tea to lose weight should also have degrees, not excessive drinking, generally three to four times a day can be soaked, if long-term constipation can be appropriately added.

5. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach should not drink lotus leaf tea. Those with thin body and weak Qi and blood should take it with caution.

6. It's best to drink lotus leaf tea to lose weight. The second brewing has no effect, so the first brewing can reduce weight.

7. Some taste bitter lotus leaf tea, sometimes in order to taste, can be appropriate to add some sugar or honey, but the weight loss person should not do so.

8. Lotus leaf tea is best not to drink on an empty stomach, to avoid gastrointestinal irritation, to lose weight, it is best to take it before meals, which is most conducive to defecation to eliminate edema.