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How many sizes of TV do you want to buy in the living room

When you go to buy a TV, the salesperson will ask about the size of the room to determine the size of the TV you need. For example, the size of the living room, the distance between the sofa and the TV wall, and the appropriate TV size are recommended. What size TV do you need to hang up in the bedroom?

How big is the bedroom TV

Generally speaking, because the TV in the bedroom should be small and not large, too large is not good for the eyes, and the radiation is also large, generally 32 inch or 26 inch TV is almost the same.

How to choose the size of TV

1. At present, the size of mainstream TV sets in the market is generally between 42 inches and 55 inches, but this is not your reference standard. Before choosing a TV set, you must first find out where the TV set is placed and how much the whole indoor space is. At this time, you can choose the TV size according to the actual situation.

2. For example, if you choose a 42 inch LCD TV, the most suitable viewing distance is between 2.7 meters and 3.0 meters. For example, a 47 inch LCD TV is very suitable for 3.0 meters, and a 55 inch LCD TV is 3.5 meters. Generally speaking, the best angle to watch TV is about 20 degrees. If the distance between the human body and the TV is about 1.7 meters, the best choice is a 26 inch TV, and a 32 inch TV can be chosen at a distance of about 2 meters.

3. Generally speaking, the space of 20-30 ㎡ is suitable for placing 42 inch TV sets. If the space of less than 20 ㎡ is suitable for placing 32 inch TV sets, it is enough. If the living room area reaches more than 30 ㎡, you need to buy large flat-panel TV of more than 46 inch.

Distance from living room sofa to TV

Generally speaking, when choosing to put sofa, how far away from TV is related to the screen size of TV, and of course, the actual size of living room. There is no very strict standard.

There is a relatively standard calculation formula for the distance between sofa and TV set:

The best viewing distance (CM) = screen height & pide; vertical resolution & times; 3400, this formula is quite clear and easy to use, but there are still many people who are not good at it, so the professionals here give suggestions on screen size and viewing distance. According to the size of your TV machine and the following viewing distance, you can know how far the sofa is from the TV. TV screen size and best viewing distance: 15 inch 1.52 m; 17 inch 1.73 m; 20 inch 2.03 m; 21 inch 2.13 m; 25 inch 2.54 m; 29 inch 2.95 m; 30 inch 3.05 m; 34 inch 3.45 m; 42 inch 4.27 m; 43 inch 4.37 m; 45 inch 4.57 m; 50 inch 5.08 m; 55 inch 5.59 m; 60 Inch 6.10 m; 70 inch 7.11 M.

How to determine the distance between TV and sofa

1. Determine orientation

The sofa in the living room and the TV are placed in the opposite direction (that is, after people sit down, the TV is located in the front of the human eye), which can ensure the best visual effect when we watch TV, and also the most relaxed and comfortable state for us.

2. Measuring distance

The distance between sofa and TV in living room shall not be less than 5-6 times of the diagonal length of TV screen. If the diagonal length of TV screen is 0.5m, the minimum distance between sofa and TV shall not be less than 2.5m-3m;

3. Visual range

The visual range determines the height of the TV suspension. When sofa and TV are placed, we should ensure that when we watch the picture of TV, the visual range reaches the maximum. The height of the visual center shall be equal to or slightly lower than the height of the horizontal line of the human eye, and the TV cabinet and TV set shall be selected and configured based on the height of 1250-1330mm after the person is seated.