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How to draw hairline

I don't need to worry about the high hairline, because we have makeup technology to cover it. How to draw hairline? Come and have a look!

How to draw natural diagram of hairline

Step 1: write at the root nearest to your hair, because it's the deepest. Then slowly outside the halo dye, the whole process on the use of this sponge stick, if you think it is not easy to operate the brush, but the actual Shanghai cotton enough. Probably draw a smooth hairline arc.

Step 2: finally use sponge stick or other halo dyeing tools, even halo dyeing will be fine. After the completion of the effect is quite significant. This make-up remover can be easily removed. Flushing is OK, but half of it will be rubbed after flushing.

How to decorate the ugly hair line

If you are not afraid of pain, Xiaobian thinks it hurts, but in order to be beautiful and easy, just bear it.

Of course, this paper is not suitable for girls with too high hairline and less hair volume, because you can't pull it if you want, hee hee. Let's look at the following methods honestly!

Method 2: make up adjustment

This method is suitable for girls' paper with small defects. There is a kind of shadow powder and pen specially used for hairdressing. First, draw the hairline that suits you. Shave off the more and fill in the less. The principle is similar to drawing eyebrows.

Start with the root nearest to your hair, because it's the deepest. Then slowly outside halo dye to the hair line. In the evening, you must remember to remove makeup before going to bed, or you will get acne. Don't blame Xiaobian for not reminding you.

Method 3: semi permanent hairline

Eyebrows are semi permanent and hairline is also available. You can also look for regular medical beauty and semi permanent hairline. You don't have to worry about how to trim and remove makeup every day.

Method 4: hair transplantation

This method is suitable for girls' paper with high hairline and good economic conditions. Like Yang Mi and Tang Yan, it's really possible to have a hair transplant directly. But we must go to a regular hospital or institution for consultation.

At ordinary times, we must take good care of and maintain our hair. Don't fiddle about, burn it for a while and dye it for a while. Otherwise, as you grow older, your hair will fall more and more severely. Let alone the hairline. What if you are bald?

How to prevent the hairline from moving backward should reduce the frequency of shampoo

Shampoo, generally wash once or twice a week is enough. Do not use the type of shampoo to remove grease and dandruff; use less alkaline shampoo as much as possible; use more conditioner; add salt and vinegar to wash your hair intermittently in the water to prevent and reduce hair loss; the shampoo should not be too hot or too cold, while washing your hair, you can rub and massage at the same time.

Massage scalp to promote blood circulation

Before going to bed and after getting up the next day, insert your hands and fingers into your hair and rub your scalp from the forehead to the back of your head for 2-4 minutes each time. Regular massage of scalp can improve nutrition of scalp, regulate sebum secretion, promote blood circulation of scalp and promote local metabolism. Before massage, apply hair oil on the scalp to improve the effect. In addition, a brush made of a brush can also work by tapping the scalp at right angles every day.

When massaging, you can also strengthen the part of hairline. Compare hands with hands. Use your thumb and index finger to clamp a clip on the contour line of your face, or fix your thumb under your ears. Use your index finger and middle finger to massage the hairline, which can help maintain the strong and healthy hairline.

Change distribution direction frequently

If the direction of distribution remains unchanged for a long time, the place where the hair seams are separated will be particularly dry or thin due to the frequent sunshine. If the separated area starts to thin, it should be massaged after applying hair cream or head oil to moisten the dried scalp. Sometimes it's better to change the direction of separation, not only to enjoy the fun of changing the hair style, but also to avoid the dry separation, which leads to the trouble of baldness.

Wash your face and make sure that the hairline is clean

During normal maintenance, also pay attention to washing the hairline, because according to the direction of washing the face, the hairline here is most likely to accumulate cleanser. If it is not cleaned, it is also a kind of damage to the hair follicles in the long run.

In the end, if you are too lazy and don't want to spend too much money, there is a unique move for you in E cabinet. As you all know, fan Weiqi's trouble is not only the backward displacement of hairline, but also her serious hair loss since she gave birth to her twin son. Many netizens speculated that she lost her hair due to the birth of a child, because fan fan and black people intended to have an artificial pregnancy in order to have a child, and fan fan also injected many ovulation shots for this. I don't know if there is any scientific basis for the claim that ovulation injection will lead to hair loss, but fan fan looks a lot older indeed.