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Wechat's first jump masters 14237 won 100000 bonus points at 18:00 on April 21, Tencent's wechat game "jump and jump" masters competition was officially held in Guangzhou. 30 top players from all over the country have gone through many challenges and won the top five. Finally, the battle of "Huashan sword" will decide who are dongxie, Xidu, South emperor, North beggar and zhongshentong.

In the final battle, Tencent officially held four different competitions: speed and passion, heart beating, extreme challenge and cooperative relay race. It shows us the innovative play method of "jump and jump". After two hours of hard work, Xu Wei won the championship with 14237 points, and finally embraced 100000 bonus. He is also the current record holder of 54594 points. I really admire Xiaobian.