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Why do colleges and universities have such wonderful regulations on banning short skirts and shorts?

Four seas network: Recently, a micro-blog netizen broke the news, saying that when he was in a university in Ji'nan, during the selection of a civilized class, there was a strange stipulation of wearing short skirts and shorts. Netizens fried the pot. Let's see for ourselves!

To this end, the school told reporters that this was a spontaneous initiative of the student union. The regulations are only required in the teaching area, and 'it's a short skirt, short pants, that kind of dress to the thigh root, too short to be elegant'.

Students wearing short skirts and shorts affect class evaluation

"The latest news of the school is that we can't wear short skirts and shorts or slippers in the school classroom. We are checked to remember names and deduct class scores. "These two days, the news exploded in Jinan Vocational College of nursing. Some students have a lot of resistance: 'they are not allowed to wear shorts in hot weather. What kind of trouble is it?'

On the afternoon of June 20, several students of the school confirmed to the reporter that such a new regulation had been issued recently, and that there was a special person to check it every night during self-study. Those who were found would be registered for the first time, fed back to the counselor again, and criticized three times in a row. Once any student was found, their class would be deducted, and then they would be inferior in the selection of civilized class Potential.

During the interview, many students thought that the weather was getting hotter and hotter, there were only four fans in the classroom, and there was a place where the wind could not blow, until after class, the pants were all wet. In addition, they also think that there are few boys in nursing school, so it doesn't matter if they wear less in summer. They have been used to it for a long time, but now they suddenly manage it, which is difficult to adapt.

But there is also support for school rules. A freshman said she understood the school's practice. After all, it's not very elegant to go to class in a short skirt, shorts or suspender.

On the Internet, some people also commented on the matter, saying that as long as the clothes are comfortable, not too inconvenient, not against the public order and good customs, no one has the right to interfere. The University advocates personality publicity, should not ask to wear so conservative, and more than 30 degrees of high temperature should wear cool faster.

The school said it was too short

Students have Tucao, the school issued this regulation and what considerations? Reporter contacted Ji'nan nursing Career Academy, a responsible person. He explained that the school had such a requirement a long time ago, but there was no clear stipulation. This was a spontaneous initiative of the student union and it was added to the standard of civilized class selection.

The person in charge said that the school supports the initiative of the student union, because students should pay attention to their appearance, and many of the schools are nursing majors. Due to professional requirements, students can't wear their hair or clothes when they are in teaching buildings and experimental buildings. 'before, there was a recruitment unit to the school. Those who wore slippers and big underpants were all rejected by one vote. 'said the person in charge.

In addition, he believes that students may have a wrong understanding of the regulations. He said that students can wear them at will in the living area, but they must pay attention to appearance in the teaching building, experimental building and playground. 'we're talking about miniskirts and shorts, clothes that reach to the bottom of the thighs. If they're too short, they're a little too unsightly, as well as suspenders and slippers. '

As for the punishment, the person in charge said that it was mainly the students' union that was checking and asked the students to go back and replace the inappropriate ones, mainly preaching. Most of the students would follow the regulations. The original intention of the school was also to hope that the students would have good appearance.