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What is the meaning of the second daughter we often see some network words that we can't understand on the Internet, such as the second dimension of the second daughter. Many girls call themselves the second daughter. What does the second daughter mean? Where does the second daughter come from? Let's take a look!

The second daughter is a young woman, a maiden, a virgin or an unmarried woman.

The second girl is different from the girl. The second girl is more girl like than the girl. Like cooking, more concerned about the existence of boys or like boys, love a lot of trouble, some very easy to be shy. Setting of the second girl: literary girl, sports girl, etc.

The word "Yi Nu" comes from Japan. Japanese pronunciation is o to me.

There are three meanings of the second daughter:

1. Young women, girls and girls.

2. Virgins and unmarried women.

3. Ancient Japanese dancers who danced with palace music.

The meaning of second daughter in ACG:

The second daughter is a role setting used by the author of the second dimension works.

Explanation 1: the girlish taste, the girlish taste and the sour shyness.

Explanation 2: Maiden's heart, the reserve and persistence of love, shows gentleness, pure feeling and simple straightness.

Explanation 3: girls are interested in cute dolls, clothes, children, small animals, etc.

Compared with her appearance, the second daughter is more about her actions, thoughts, interests and even gestures, which seem to have no characteristics. The whole state will give people a pure sense of temperament. Otaku said that the most important charm is the soul with harmony. Some people think that the second daughter is a lady of harmony