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Can you eat crayfish head? Which parts of crayfish can't be eaten

It's the time to eat crayfish. Spicy crayfish is the favorite of many people. When eating crayfish, many people don't want to throw away the shrimp head because there is yellow in it. But what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that you should never eat the head when eating crayfish. As for why, let Xiaobian know.

Why don't crayfish eat head

People who like crayfish pay attention... Many people are reluctant to lose their heads when they eat crayfish. In fact, this is the dirtiest place! Crawfish's stomach and other organs are concentrated in the head, easy to accumulate secretions and excreta, and even detected parasites, once transferred to the human body, it will affect health. Parasites are easy to kill in high temperature. You must cook crayfish thoroughly!

According to the report, epidemiological investigation has proved that eating crayfish is related to 'rhabdomyolysis'. Although the pathogenesis is not clear, it is related to eating crayfish. The main organs such as gills and stomach are concentrated in the head of crayfish, and the content of heavy metals is high. Try not to eat crayfish head when eating crayfish.

At present, the laws and regulations explicitly prohibit the crawfish that can't eat dead. After the death of the crawfish, the protein in the body deteriorates rapidly, which will decompose and produce toxic substances such as histamine, breed harmful bacteria, and easily lead to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal infectious diseases, endangering the health of the body. However, some vendors are desperate to pursue profits and use heavier spices to cover up the peculiar smell of the crawfish itself.

Some people in the industry say that after processing, it is difficult for consumers to immediately identify whether the shrimp is dead before processing. If you feel the shrimp meat is very crisp and soft without chewing, or the crawfish body is not curled up and the tail is straight, then these lobsters may be dead before they are put into the pot. Please be careful not to eat the head of crawfish.

Three parts of crawfish have the most parasites on its head

The head of crayfish is the place that absorbs and deals with toxin most, and it is also the part that accumulates pathogen and parasite most easily. The head of crayfish must not be eaten. Not to eat raw, serious will lead to paragonimiasis.


The digestive system of crayfish, such as intestine, tends to collect heavy metals. Before cooking, the shrimp line should be pulled out.

Shrimp yellow

If you don't know whether the shrimp is clean or not, you should eat less shrimp yellow. You'd better not eat it. Shrimp yellow is the gonad of lobster, which is close to the liver and easy to be polluted.

Principle of eating lobster safely

​ lobster must be cleaned

After buying live lobster, it's best to keep it in clear water for 24-36 hours, so that it can spit out impurities such as sediment and kill bacteria. When processing lobster, it is necessary to remove the dirt in the gills, because there are a lot of bacteria adsorbed in the gill hair, so it is better to brush the shell with a brush. The roots of lobster's claws are the easiest to hide dirt, so they must be cut off. In addition, it is necessary to use a brush to clean the dirt on its body, and remove the gut lines with a large amount of sediment and bacteria, and then use clean water to fully clean it for 2-3 times.

Before you boil the shrimp, you need to boil it thoroughly

In the polluted environment, crawfish has a strong ability to absorb heavy metals. It may absorb heavy metals that are harmful to human body. When it absorbs heavy metals, its head will naturally produce a "bag" to wrap heavy metals. Similarly, lobster's head is the most likely part to accumulate parasites, so head off when eating. It's best to remove the head before cooking.

Eat shrimp in moderation

Eat shrimp in moderation, do not eat too much at a time, because shrimp is a high protein food, some people with allergic constitution will have allergic symptoms to crayfish, such as red spots, pimples, etc., it is better not to eat crayfish. Crayfish is a kind of aquatic product with high purine content. Do not eat it for gout patients.

Don't eat dead crayfish

It is reported that there is a large amount of histidine in the protein composition of crawfish. After crayfish died, histidine was rapidly converted into histamine, which was difficult to eliminate even after it was cooked, so it was harmful to human body.