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Jedi survival officials say the third tier leader can only be obtained from airdrops there are many weapons in Jedi's survival, as well as many armor. Many friends get good armor in the game to turn the situation around. On April 21, the official development diary was released, which improved their plans for adjusting the balance of weapons and goods.

In the development diary, the biggest information may be that no one can see the street full of people running with three-level heads in the future. Because the official announcement will remove the level 3 head from the full map refresh. Instead, it can only be obtained from airdrops. The official said in the article that the third level helmet is an item that can affect the result of the game. If the player is hit by the head, it will give you extra life. We don't want players to rely on luck to get such an item, so it will only appear in the airdrop supply box. In addition, since the second level heads are running all over the place, is 98K going to rise? We believe that the choice of which gun to use should be based on personal preferences and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than just 'which gun is the strongest'. Our goal is to make guns not objectively better than other guns. In other words, the advantages of guns should be determined by the size of the security zone, the distance of engagement and the surrounding environment.

So we don't want ar to have an advantage in all cases. In addition to the changes in the weapon balance, we plan to make some changes to the weapons annex. The purpose of this change is also to let players have more accessories to choose, so that players can choose weapons accessories according to the combat situation, rather than the 'strongest' accessories. It can be seen that the officials are still very thoughtful. They want to change the current situation of people's brainless choice of m416. Let the choice of weapons be more diversified, so that weapons other than rifles, such as submachine guns, can also be used in specific occasions. At the same time, the accessories will be changed to make the selection of accessories more purposeful.