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What do I mean when I fight for money? What's the reason why I fight for money

In the age of Internet, there are endless online jokes. Recently, I believe that Qin Shihuang's fight for money has become a rage. I believe you are also confused. What do I mean by Qin Shihuang's fight for money? Let's have a look!

Original word: Hello, everyone, I am Qin Shihuang. Actually, I am not dead. I have 100 tons of gold in Xi'an. Now I need 2000 yuan to unfreeze my gold in Xi'an. You can transfer it to me by WeChat and Alipay. Account number is my mobile phone number! After turning around, I will bring the troops back to life directly tomorrow, and let you command the Third Army!

I'm sure you've seen or heard of the above deception. Netizens are playing tricks now,

I am the first emperor of Qin. As long as you give me money, I will make you a general.

I, Qin Shihuang, make money. It's actually the abbreviation above.

I wonder if conch burps....

He was the great first emperor of Qin, because he was lucky to be born in this family, to experience these, to have these. He was the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, because he was born in this family, experienced these, and carried these.