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Notice on the recruitment of 5 free normal graduates from normal university directly under the Minis

Notice of Mianyang on assessment and recruitment of free normal university graduates (the third batch) directly under the Ministry of education in 2018

In accordance with the relevant requirements of the measures for the implementation of employment of free normal university graduates directly under the Ministry of education, combined with the actual situation of our district, 5 middle school teachers are recruited for the assessment of free normal university students directly under the Ministry of education. The relevant matters are announced as follows:

1、 Recruitment principles

Adhere to the principle of openness, fairness, competition, and selection of the best. Those who meet the requirements voluntarily apply for an interview, make a two-way choice and choose the best.

2、 Recruitment scope and target

(1) Recruitment scope: Beijing Normal University, Northeast Normal University, East China Normal University, central China Normal University, Southwest University and Shaanxi Normal University.

(2) Recruitment target: free normal students graduated from six normal universities directly under the Ministry of education in 2018, who meet the requirements of recruitment posts.

3、 Recruitment conditions

(1) We should uphold the party's line, principles and policies, have a correct ideological quality, and abide by disciplines and laws.

(2) Loyal to the party's education, with good professional ideas, love the post and dedication, willing to contribute.

(3) Familiar with the laws and regulations of education and the laws of education and teaching, with advanced education concepts.

(4) With solid professional knowledge, excellent professional skills, strong language expression and communication skills, and proficient in the use of modern educational technology.

(5) Abide by the relevant provisions of the measures for the implementation of free normal university graduates employment directly under the Ministry of education, and perform relevant duties.

(6) Good health.

(7) Other specific conditions and qualification conditions required for the positions advertised in this announcement (see Annex 1 for details).

Any of the following circumstances shall not be registered: those who have received various criminal penalties; those who have been dismissed from public office; those who have violated laws and disciplines are under review; those who are still within the period of influence of Party discipline and political discipline; those who should be avoided according to relevant regulations; those who have violated laws and disciplines in the period of forbidden examination in personnel examination at all levels; and those who are unable to apply for examination according to laws and regulations.

4、 Recruitment position and quota

One Chinese teacher, one mathematics teacher, one physics teacher and two chemistry teachers.

5、 Recruitment procedure


1. Apply online. All the free normal graduates who apply for the job voluntarily can register online from the date of announcement to 12:00 on May 8, and send the electronic document of application form for voluntary application of free normal graduates for assessment and recruitment in Anzhou District of Mianyang City and the scanning copy of the materials to be provided during the application qualification review to the designated email (

2. Preliminary examination of online application qualification. Before 17:00 on May 8, 2018, reply by email to inform whether it has entered the qualification review.