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How to make a video of jitter video with short music and long background music? this song is popular with many netizens, so how to make pictures and videos with this background music? How do you make a picture? Let's take a look at the jitter and the short recording.

How do you make pictures?

1. Blow open the video and you can see that there is a time in the upper left corner. In fact, this is the video recording function. My friends, it's still a soup change!

2. Apple IOS 11 system has video recording function, vivo mobile phone has video recording function, no friends can download a video recording master app directly in this site!

3. As for how to use the video recording function to make photos into videos.

4. As for you, if you just want to shoot video with this background music, it's easier. Click the bottom right corner, then enter the homepage, and click to shoot the same item;

Just hold the racquet.