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The cause of the sale of 10.5 million yuan in a basement in Beijing

The cause of the sale of 10.5 million yuan in a basement in Beijing we all know that the house price in Beijing is expensive, but do you know that a basement can sell for more than 10 million? Netizens have argued that the rich people in Beijing are simply crouching in the dark. After all, the price of a basement in Beijing is no more than 10 million yuan. What's the matter? Let's have a look.

Encounter: 10.5 million transactions in basement and quick purchase

In recent days, the weather in Beijing is cloudy and sunny, with spring wind blowing and willow catkins flying. Some people take willow catkins as the background and take pictures of artistic conception against the background of red walls and green tiles. At this time in previous years, Liu Yan (pseudonym) would stay in the office of Financial Street (9.100, - 0.13, - 1.41%) in Xicheng District, Beijing, and try to minimize going out. Because his allergic rhinitis is really irritating.

However, these days he did not care about rhinitis attack, shuttle between 'snowflakes'. In order to buy a school district room as soon as possible. After six years of hard work in Beijing, there is no pressure on Liu Yan and his wife to rent. But now that his son is four years old, it's time to think about buying a house. Liu Yan's parents are going to sell a four bedroom home to relieve the pressure of down payment. At first, Liu Yan thought that the house price might fall and so on. But he can't sit on a recent house transaction record. He still has a screenshot of the deal on his cell phone.

On March 15 this year, a set of basement in aiminli, Xicheng District, Beijing, was sold for 10.5 million yuan. Liu Yan once saw the information about the sale of the house on the Internet. In his impression, the house has been on the Internet for at least two months. Because the listing price is relatively high, the house has not been closed. Liu Yan thinks that the homeowner will reduce the price later.

For this basement, Liu Yan's price is no more than 8 million yuan. After all, there is no comparison between the basement and other floors. The transaction price of 10.5 million yuan exceeded Liu Yan's expectation. He felt that it would be too late to stop.

Survey: the unit price of wanghong basement is not expensive

Since the basement of aiminli was sold for 10.5 million yuan, more than 200 messages have been left by netizens. In the message, most people Tucao Beijing's basement price is too high to bear. It is also believed that investment in school district housing in a few years will not lose money.

So, what kind of community is aiminli? What does the underground room look like? The reporter first found Mr. Ding, an agent of an intermediary company on Xishiku street, Xicheng District, Beijing. The basement of wanghong was sold by him. Speaking of wanghong basement, Mr. Ding is quite calm. He can't even remember which unit's house is in aiminli community.

Mr. Ding only remembered that there was an old man living in the basement of wanghong. The old people's children want to sell the house and buy a big house for the old people in the relatively cheap area of other areas, with the rest of the money for the elderly.

Net red basement in the intermediary company hung for about half a year, before and after dozens of customers have seen. These customers are basically parents who buy school district houses for their children. The owner's initial offer was more than ten million yuan. One customer took a fancy to the house type, but he was delayed for several days because of his business trip, so he was bought by others.