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What films will be released on 51 2018? Recommended films will be released on 51 2018

What movies will be released on May 1, 2018 May Day is a legal holiday in China. Some friends want to take this opportunity to travel and relax. However, some friends learn from the lessons of the past years. They don't want to linger in the crowd and enjoy time in the cinema. What are the golden films in May Day? Let's have a look with Xiaobian.

What films will be released on May 1, 2018

1. Avenger alliance 3: Infinite War

Release: April 27

Type: action science fiction magic Adventure

Region: US

Starring: Robert & middot; Downey & middot; Evans Mark & middot; rufalochris & middot; Hemsworth; Tom & middot; helandskari & middot; Johnson introduction: Avenger alliance 3: Infinite War is the 18th (first) and 21st (second) two films of Marvel's movie universe, and the third in the avenger Alliance series, which is also the second in the series of Avengers alliance The end of the union era. "US team 2" director brother confirms to take over "Fu Lian 3" and will direct 4 Marvel superhero films in a row. In 2012, the Avenger's Alliance debuted, played by actor Damien & middot; Portier.

2. Strange classmates next door

Release: April 27, 2018

Type: Love / Campus

Region: Japan

To star:

Introduction: directed by Yue Chuanxiang and starred by Tu Wutai Feng and Kan Tian Jianghui, the film is adapted from the popular comic works published by robico in the monthly magazine dessert. The sales volume of the comic is up to 5 million, which was completed in 2014, and the film version will be released on April 27, 2018. The film is mainly about shuigukai, who has a sense of alienation and excellent academic performance, who started to pay attention to the boyfriend with all his shortcomings when he went to deliver handouts to Yoshida spring instead of the teacher. Both of them have no friends, just like two cold people hugging each other to keep warm. They soon become friends and even lovers. The film takes "the first time" as the clue, and many "the first time" are full of it, such as the first time to make friends, the first time to find objects, the first time to quarrel with others and quarrel & hellip; & hellip;

3. Warring States Period

Release: April 28

Type: Fantasy history

Region: Mainland

Starring: Chen Weiting, Lin Yun, Hu Jun, Ni Dahong, Li Guangming, basenzab

Introduce: young tie Muzhen (Chen Weiting is acted the role of) is the son of tribal leader, young bereaved father, the mother raises him alone, tie Muzhen returns to wengira tribe when he is grown up to marry Bo Er tie (Lin Yun is acted the role of), who knows on the way but falls into the killing trap set by uncle (Zhao Lixin is acted the role of) gradually, and the lover Bo Er tie of green plum bamboo horse is also led by another tribe on the night of new marriage He led Hu out of Lu (decorated with Hu Jun) and took Tiemuzhen away. With the support of his good brother zamuhe (decorated with Li Guangming) and the help of elder shaman, Tiemuzhen embarked on the journey of saving lovers and guarding the grassland. #P subtitle e#

4. Later we

Release: April 28

Type: plot love

Region: Mainland

Starring: Jing Biran, Zhou Dongyu, Tian Zhuangzhuang

Introduce: see Qing and Xiaoxiao are fellow countrymen, they know each other on the train that returns home in New Year's day, under chance coincidence, Xiaoxiao had a new year's dinner in see Qing's house, after that, see Qing and Xiaoxiao's destiny then entwine together, fall in love, break up, miss, meet again... Later they can't go back again.

5. Behind the scenes players

Release: April 28

Type: Comedy

Region: China

Starring: Xu Zheng, Wang Likun, Duan Bowen, Wang Yanhui, Ren Dahua

Introduce: the Zhong Xiaonian that holds hundreds of millions of property (Xu Zheng is acted the role of), when undertaking is like the sun, but encounter accident suddenly, trouble is ceaseless. After a series of embarrassing situations, he gradually achieved self salvation.

6. Tracking

Release: April 28

Type: plot crime

Region: Mainland China

Starring: Luo Jin, Nie yuan, Huang Jue, Jiang Peiyao, Xin Peng, Li Jiaqi, Yang Yiwei, Shi CE

Introduce: ten years ago, Wang Dong and Xu Feng meet unexpectedly, for the sake of each hate to commit a crime jointly, leave respectively after winning. In the past ten years, they had no connection, and each lived in peace. Wang Dong became the top surgical director. Xu Feng was plagued by guilt every day, seeking salvation by alcohol, and was infected with a disease. Ten years later, the two met again, and in the new competition, they launched a film of thirteen people related to them. #P subtitle e#

7. Low pressure trough: the city of desire

Slag slag Hui finally not addicted to the game, returned to the ranks of directors. This film is composed and directed by Zhang Jiahui. It is his third directing work. The first two films, Yulan Shengong and Tuodi Exorcist, both belong to the theme of spirituality. This time, he returned to Hong Kong for the film of police and bandits. Zhangjiahui is an undercover in the film, often dealing with criminals, although sometimes self doubt, but never give up the desire to punish crime. And the undercover role for zhangjiahui has long been familiar with light car driving, there is no problem. In addition, Yuanhua and Lin Xue, the golden supporting actors of Hong Kong film, also joined in. At the same time, there are Yu Nan and Xu Jinglei. What's a little surprising is that Mr. He Jiong, who plays the boss of zhangjiahui, doesn't know if he can break through this time.

8, violation of life

Release: May 4, 2018

Type: plot / love

Region: UK

To star:

Introduce: homosexual love movie "disobey one's life" directed by Sebastian & Middleton; Leo, Rachel & Middleton; McAdams, Rachel & Middleton; Weitz, alexandro & Middleton; Nivola, Anton & Middleton; lesser, Nicholas & Middleton; Woodson, Cara Horgan, Alan & Middleton; kodler, Lasco & Middleton; Atkins, Bernardo Santos, Rene Costa, Adam Lazarus , Bernas & middot; steagas, Sofia & middot; brown, Dominic applewhite, Alexis zegerman and others will be shown on May 4, 2018. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Naomi middot oldman. It is mainly about a woman who returns to her hometown after her father's death, but unexpectedly falls in love with her husband's wife's girlfriend, because the people in her hometown believe in the traditional and conservative

9. The Witch of Laplace

Release: May 4, 2018

Type: suspense

Region: Japan

Starring: yingjingxiang / guanglailing / Fushi Cangtai

Introduce: "the devil of Laplace" adapts from the suspense novel of the same name of Guiwu Dongye, directed by Sanchi Chongshi, starred by Sakurai Jingxiang, CO starred by Hirose and Forsyth Cangtai. In the film, yingjingxiang plays Qingjiang Xiujie, a professor of geography and chemistry. In the investigation of two poisoning deaths in a row, it is found that the whole case is full of doubts and unsolved mysteries. The mysterious girl who appeared at the scene of the accident and called herself "the witch" played a crucial role.

10. Spider Man 3

Release: May 4, 2018

Type: action / love / science fiction / plot / Fantasy

Region: US

Starring: Andrew & middot; Garfield / Dane & middot; de Hahn / Schelling & middot; Woodley

Introduce: Spider Man series is the theme movie series that is loved by people all the time. Directed by Mark Webb and starring British actors Andrew Garfield, Shirley Woodley and Diane Hahn, the sci-fi film "the extraordinary Spider Man" has won great attention since it was released, and won a good box office. However, due to the agreement between Sony and marvel, the spider man character will be rebooted and will be presented in a new form, in the form of an independent movie.