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How long is the credit card overdue? How many days is the credit card overdue

Four seas net: a lot of small partner credit card too much, forget to return credit card for a while, how to think of to do a few days later? Will you go to the people's Bank of China for credit. Today, I'd like to summarize the time tolerance and tolerance of major banks to see if your repayment has exceeded the time and amount allowed by the bank.


"Allow time" overdue means that on the due date of repayment, if the cardholder fails to repay in time, there is a grace period, during which there will be no default interest and no upload to the credit system.

But if the money is still not paid after the grace period, it is likely to be uploaded to the personal credit system.

The grace period of each bank is also different. Most banks have three days (this is a natural day, not a working day).

Generally, the bad credit records recorded in the personal credit system of the people's Bank of China include the following situations:

① A single overdue period of more than 60 days will be included in the credit record;

② Or overdue for more than two consecutive times (not included), accounting into the credit record;

③ Credit failure is recorded more than 90 days overdue.

When the credit card is overdue for one day, there are two situations:

① If there is a specified grace period (time tolerance service), and within the grace period, it is equivalent to repayment on time, and there is no overdue fine and default interest;

② If there is no grace period, one day overdue will be counted as overdue. The bank will charge overdue fine according to a certain standard, and the penalty interest will be calculated according to the daily interest rate of 0.05%.

Of course, if there are various credit card repayment problems, you can consult the customer service center personnel by phone, and ask not to include the bad credit record after repayment. It's very important to communicate with customer service in time to solve problems.

In a word, it's very important for credit card to repay on time. Remember the above regulations, so as to deal with all kinds of problems in the process of repayment in time and ensure that credit card can serve us well.