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2018 new rural housing policy - 8 cases can't be confirmed

What are the new policies for rural housing in 2018? 2018 is the year when the power of rural homestead is confirmed. After the land is confirmed, it is difficult to apply for homestead. As a basic guarantee for farmers' housing, homestead is an important part of farmers' property. Farmers attach great importance to homestead. Homestead is a prerequisite for farmers' life, so without homestead, there is no place for farmers to live.

In 2018, with the adjustment of homestead policy and the in-depth work of land ownership confirmation, the following 8 situations of rural homestead can not be confirmed, but may be recovered!

2018 new rural housing policy - 8 cases can't be confirmed

The first situation: more than one house

One house for one house is the most basic homestead policy. One house for one house can only confirm the right of one homestead, and the extra homestead can be recycled by the village collective, but it is necessary to give certain compensation.

The second situation: the area exceeds the standard

When the area of homestead exceeds the standard, only the reasonable use area can be confirmed, and the extra area can be recovered by the village collective when the house is turned over or rebuilt.

The third situation: urban household registration through the inherited Homestead

Urban hukou has no right to inherit the rural homestead, but the houses on the homestead can be inherited. Under the condition that the houses cannot be turned over and rebuilt, when the houses disappear naturally, the village collective can recover the homestead.

The fourth situation: illegal purchase of homestead by urban residents

The transaction of homestead can only be carried out within the village collective. It is strictly forbidden for urban residents to purchase homestead in the countryside.

Case 5: homestead illegally occupied

Both the non newly divided homestead and the original legal homestead belong to illegal occupation. This kind of homestead is not only not authorized, but also recycled.

Case 6: abandoned Homestead

With the acceleration of urban and rural development and the increase of employment opportunities, many rural families moved to the city, resulting in the waste and waste of homestead. Such homestead village collective can also be recovered, but it needs to give certain economic compensation.

The seventh situation: the homestead left by the five guarantees in the village

The village collective can reclaim the remaining homestead under the protection of the five villages.

Case 8: government land acquisition

When the government expropriates rural land and homestead for road construction, construction and other purposes, the homestead can be recovered after negotiating compensation with the farmers.

According to the small compilation of enterprise engine, if the homestead meets the above 8 kinds of situations, it may only be recovered, not compulsorily recovered. Whether the homestead is recovered or not, we should start from the past historical situation and current situation of the homestead to protect the legitimate rights and interests of farmers to the greatest extent and ensure the fairness and justice of the policy!