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Wechat jump the best master share high score tips in the first wechat game jump Master Competition held on April 21, 30 top players from all over the country gathered. Xu Wei won the first place with 14237 points, while Cao Zicheng was only 700 points away from winning the second. At present, according to the data released by wechat, the highest score of jump game is Xu Wei, 57292 points, and the second highest score is a 22-year-old anchor named Cao Zicheng, with the highest score of 54594 points.

In the gap between competitions, Cao Zicheng shared his unique jumping skills and the experience of brushing the heart path.

He said that at present, the highest record is 54694. At that time, he jumped very fast, about 100 minutes. First of all, you have to believe in yourself. Second, practice more. Don't care too much about the score. Don't hesitate. Just jump. If you don't give up, no one will be your opponent. The high scores of jump are all dropped!

He also specifically mentioned the details. No matter how small the pillar is, there will be three or more landing points (a little more and a little less center point) and more practice to ensure that the landing point of each jump is within these three points. The rest is the center point combo. High score and combo are inseparable. The center point can only be practiced more. Everyone will have nervous hand shaking. Almost no one can stop it Water, but everyone can do it!

Xiaobian said that the current game is really. The harder you work, the luckier you are.