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Where to go for May 1 tourism in 2018

Where to go for May 1 tourism in 2018

The May Day holiday in 2018 is coming. Many small partners are ready to travel. May day is a good time to travel. The weather is not cold or hot, many scenic spots are flourishing, so where can I have a good time on May Day? Now Xiaobian would like to recommend some good places for you to go on May Day travel. Let's have a look.

Where can I have a good time on May Day Tour


Sanya has unique tourism resources. It is the place with the most scenic spots and the most intensive in Hainan Province. On the coastline of about 200 kilometers, it is densely covered with Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, Luhuitou Park, Tianya Haijiao, Haishan wonders, Nanshan Cultural Tourism Area and other famous tourist attractions at home and abroad. She not only has five elements of modern international tourism -- sunshine, sea water, beach, green vegetation, clean air, but also has unique tourism resources such as rivers, ports, hot springs, caves, rural areas, tropical animals and plants, national customs and so on, which is unique at home and abroad.

Sanya, known as Yazhou and Lucheng in ancient times, has a long history, a long history and a colorful culture. The ends of the earth, the big and small Dongtian, the ancient city of Yazhou, the ancient human site of luobidong Sanya all contain rich historical culture. Sanya is located in the southernmost part of Hainan Province. It is the only tropical coastal tourism city in China. There are ten scenic resources in Sanya, including sunshine, sea water, beach, climate, forest, animal, hot spring, cave, countryside, style and so on.

Qingdao scenery

Qingdao, Shandong Province is very popular with tourists. First of all, it is due to the beautiful scenery of mountains and seas and the long history of religious culture. The gold tourism line from Qianhai to Laoshan is famous as the "fist" brand of Qingdao. The famous No.1 bathing beach has a gentle sand slope and a small clear water wave. It receives as many as 200000 tourists every day in peak season. In addition to the traditional sightseeing tour, Qingdao has also opened up holiday fitness tour, industrial tour, agricultural eco-tourism, etc. The festival has also become the tourism brand of the island city. The annual Qingdao International Beer Festival, Ocean Festival, fashion week, international electronic appliances Expo, etc. have attracted many tourists at home and abroad.

Kunming scenery

In the middle of Yunnan Province, there is a vast lake, just like a bright pearl inlaid on the plateau. This is the ancient "Nanze of Yunnan". Because it is the nearest to Kunyang City, it is also called "Kunyang Lake", which is known as "Dianchi of five hundred Li". In the past, the poet described her as follows: a thousand hectares of vast Mingyang in Kunchi, surging in the hot weather, reflecting the peaks in the mirror, and swallowing six rivers into his chest. Located in the beautiful plateau lakeside city, is the spring city of Kunming. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan Province. It is located in the middle of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, surrounded by mountains on all sides, with Dianchi Lake on the south, six rivers crisscross and one plain river in the middle, forming a fertile and fertile Kunming dam.

Kunming is located in the middle of Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, with an altitude of 1891 meters. It is adjacent to Dianchi Lake in the South and surrounded by mountains on three sides. It belongs to the low latitude plateau mountain monsoon climate. Due to the influence of warm and humid air flow in the southwest of the Indian Ocean, it has long sunshine, short frost period and annual average temperature of 15 ℃. The climate is mild, summer is not hot, winter is not cold, the four seasons are like spring, the weather is pleasant, the visibility is good, the flowers are not thanks all the year round, the plants are evergreen all the year round, so it has the reputation of "Spring City". For this reason, there are poems describing its characteristics: no fur in the last month of Kunming, no sweat in three volts of light cotton, full of plum blossom and winter fragrance, and new year's leaves of Liushu will be thick. From December to march of the next year, a group of red billed gulls, who are avoiding the cold wind in the northern sea, come from afar and live in Kunming city.

Kunming is also a gathering place of natural and cultural landscapes. With a long history and unique geological structure, Kunming has left many cultural relics and scenic spots. Kunming is a developing international tourism city. At present, it has formed a multi-functional tourist attraction with World Expo as the center, integrating natural scenery and national customs.


Shanghai, the first city in mainland China, is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government. It is the economic, financial, trade and shipping center of mainland China. Shanghai has created and broken many of the world's and China's world records. Shanghai is located in the Yangtze River Estuary in the middle of China's mainland coastline, with China's largest industrial base and the largest foreign trade port. More than 20 million people live and live in Shanghai, most of them belong to the Jiangsu and Zhejiang ethnic groups of Han nationality, and they speak Wu and Shanghai dialect. Shanghai is also a new tourist destination with profound modern urban culture and numerous historical sites. Today, Shanghai has developed into an international metropolis. And committed to building into an international financial center and shipping center. Shanghai is the host city of the 2010 World Expo.


Dunhuang is located in the intersection of Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang. The city's economy is dominated by agriculture, followed by tourism services, and there is no relatively strong industry. This is negligible in the whole country. However, Dunhuang is famous for its brilliance and profound cultural connotation. Mogao grottoes were listed as the first national key cultural relics protection unit by the State Council in 1961, and listed in the world cultural heritage protection project by the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization in 1987, and awarded the "world cultural heritage" Certificate in 1991.

In the south of Dunhuang lies the majestic Qilian Mountain, in the West lies the vast Lop Nur wasteland, in the north lies the jagged serpentine Beisai mountain, and in the East lies the three dangerous mountains. It belongs to warm temperate climate. The annual rainfall is only 39.9 mm, while the evaporation is as high as 2400 mm. Full sunshine and long frost free period. In this small natural basin embraced by mountains, Danghe river is moistening fertile land with snowy water and green trees blocking the black wind and yellow sand; the grain and cotton are kept dry and waterlogged, and the fruits are fragrant all the year round; the wonders of the desert are mysterious, and the Gobi sea is bizarre; the cultural relics are world-famous, and there are many talents & hellip; & hellip; the beautiful Dunhuang is a rich, magical and attractive land.