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What kind of material is wallpaper? Can wallpaper stick to the ceiling

As we all know, wallpaper is a very practical decoration material. So can wallpaper stick to the ceiling? Next let's see the advantages of ceiling wallpaper with Xiaobian!

What kind of material is good for wallpaper? 1. PVC wallpaper PVC wallpaper is made of PVC resin on the paper surface. This kind of wallpaper is rich in variety and color. It has good flexibility, scrub resistance, sound absorption and heat insulation. The lack is heavy smell, airtight and poor environmental protection. The general market price is 50-300 yuan per roll 。 2. The wallpaper made of pure paper is made of paper. Its main component is also paper. Then it is printed and embossed. Generally, this kind of wallpaper has vivid picture, clear color and environmental protection. It is not easy to have edge warping, mildew, strong water resistance and good air permeability. The price is more than 200 yuan per roll.

3. Fabric wallpaper fabric wallpaper is made by laying fabric fiber or natural materials on the surface of the paper, which can give people a noble, elegant, soft and comfortable feeling. The texture of this material is relatively good, and the air permeability is also very good. The disadvantage is that the surface is easy to accumulate dust and not easy to clean. The market price is about 40-200 yuan per square meter. 4. Gold foil wallpaper the wallpaper made of gold foil is made by adding some metal printing on the paper. It gives people a more solemn and generous feeling, which can create a golden and brilliant feeling, but young people may not like it very much. Such wallpaper will make young people feel too vulgar. The price in the general market is about 20-110 yuan per square meter.

5. Glass fiber wallpaper: glass fiber wallpaper is based on medium alkali glass fiber. It is coated with a layer of wear-resistant resin on the surface. Generally, the color is bright, which can prevent corrosion and moisture. It is also relatively washable, simple in construction and easy to paste. However, glass fiber will have certain irritation to the skin and respiratory tract. The price is 20-200 yuan / roll. 6. The fabric based wallpaper is made of a layer of PVC surface on the basis of fabric. This kind of wallpaper is relatively natural, with the same texture as the fabric, and strong tensile and pulling ability. The disadvantage is that the air permeability is relatively poor, and the price is 20-120 yuan per square meter.

7. And paper wallpaper and paper wallpaper are also good choices. And paper wallpaper is a mixture of rice paper with composite natural colors and paper base. It looks more simple and natural, elegant and refined, and durable, waterproof and fireproof. The disadvantage is that dirt is not easy to clean after surface pollution, and the general price is 100-400 yuan / roll. 8. The non-woven wallpaper is made of the non-woven fabric as the base material and printed with patterns. Its color is pure, visual comfort, light color, elastic, not easy to aging and break, air permeability and moisture resistance are good, but relatively few colors, mostly pure colors. Generally, the price is 80-400 yuan / roll.

Can wallpaper be pasted on the ceiling? The ceiling can be pasted with wallpaper, but it is not pasted generally. Because the ceiling is generally made of ceiling modeling, plus lamps and lanterns decoration is enough, there is no need to paste wallpaper on the whole room, it seems very stuffy everywhere, and it's not very comfortable to live in. The ceiling, wall and ground are best treated separately, and a comparison of functional zones and areas can enhance the sense of space.

The advantages of ceiling Wallpaper: 1. Long service life. The wallpaper with advanced manufacturing technology is generally of good material and long service life. 2. The construction speed is fast, it's hard to leave some stains on the clean painted wall, and it's hard to remove them. But when pasting the wallpaper, if the glue spills on the skirting board or the window frame, we can use a wet rag to clean the glue. 3. Rich styles if the ceiling uses wallpaper, you can better choose your own favorite wallpaper, you can easily create your own favorite effect. 4. Large price space and large price can meet the needs of different levels. 5. The color is pure when we choose the wall painting, in the color matching of the wall paint, it is inevitable that there will be a small color difference, and the color applied to the wall is often inconsistent with the original idea. And the color of wallpaper is always pure, because wallpaper from the purchase to paste to the wall will not change color, do not worry about the color difference. 6. In terms of composition, the harm of wallpaper to human body is far less than that of latex paint. There are three kinds of harmful substances in wallpaper, such as formaldehyde, heavy metal and vinyl chloride monomer, which may harm human health.