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How much protein powder is suitable for one time

Four seas net: albumen powder, for long body-building people, want to have a perfect muscle line. Protein powder is indispensable. Generally speaking, it will not be on fire if the protein powder is eaten in proper amount, but it may be on fire if it is eaten excessively. So why is eating protein powder on fire? Let's take a look at it in detail!

Can protein powder catch fire after eating

It won't burn if you eat the protein powder properly.

As an important nutrient in human body, protein is the material basis of all life. It will be digested and decomposed into several indispensable amino acids in human body in gastrointestinal tract. These amino acids are sent to human cells through human blood and used to synthesize various tissues, hormones, enzymes, immunoglobulins, antibodies and other important physiological active substances. Protein powder is a kind of supplementary source of protein. The production method of protein powder is to purify soybean protein, whey protein and casein. Its main component is one or several kinds of mixed powder. Therefore, a proper amount of protein powder will not cause burning symptoms.

The reason of eating protein powder on fire

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. The processing method of protein powder is wrong

The binding water in food can be destroyed when it is dried at 120-140 ℃ by hydrogen bonding with protein and other nutrients. Protein powder is extracted from milk, dried, concentrated and separated. In this process, the binding water hydrogen bond of protein molecules is destroyed and lost. When it is absorbed into the human body, the binding water in the protein powder will repair itself and release a lot of energy. The release of these energy will lead to excessive local heat release and 'fire', which will damage the hydration membrane on the surface of human upper digestive tract tissue.

2. Massive loss of body fluids

In the process of protein catabolism, a large amount of nitrogen-containing waste is produced. When the kidney is discharged, it needs to take away body water. As a result, too much body fluid is consumed. A large loss of body fluids can manifest as a 'fire up' phenomenon. The proportion of amino acids in protein is unreasonable, and too many amino acids are decomposed into ammonia metabolites, which will cause the same situation.

3. Vitamin B deficiency

In the process of protein metabolism, vitamin B group will be consumed. If you take in protein outside the normal diet, then the consumption of vitamin B will also increase. If the intake of vitamin B in your body does not increase together, it is likely to cause the phenomenon of vitamin B deficiency. From the perspective of nutrition, getting angry is the manifestation of vitamin B deficiency.

How much protein powder is suitable to eat at one time

The amount of protein powder should be calculated according to the protein content of the daily intake (including the protein quality contained in the three meals). For the fitness crowd, the daily protein quality is generally the weight (unit kg) × 1.5g protein. If the weight is 60kg, 60 * 1.5 = 90g protein needs to be supplemented every day, deducting the majority of the protein quality in the daily food. In this way, only 30g left protein needs to be supplemented The right protein powder will do. Usually, it is the spoon commonly used in the family. Two spoons are almost 30g.