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Is barfish a sea fish? Can barfish be eaten raw

Four seas net: Bashar is a kind of freshwater fish. Its meat is delicate, delicious and nutritious. Can Bashar be eaten raw? Let's have a look!

Is a basil a sea fish

Bashar is an important freshwater breed in Southeast Asian countries. It is a catfish of the order Siluriformes, and its species, paugusius similitoa, is a scaleless fish. It is a unique high-quality economic fish in the Mekong River Basin. It is transliterated as "cabasa" in Vietnam, which means "three fatty fish". Because the fish accumulates three large pieces of oil in its abdominal cavity during its growth, accounting for about 58% of its body weight.

Can I eat it raw

It can be eaten raw, but it is not recommended to eat raw, because fresh water fish have parasites, so it is better to eat cooked.

The freshwater environment in which freshwater teleost live is a kind of low osmotic solution relative to cells, so the gills and skin of freshwater teleost absorb water, the kidneys drain water, and supplement salt through salt absorbing cells and food. Generally speaking, the osmotic pressure of freshwater teleost is not high.

The parasites parasitized in fish will also adapt to the osmotic pressure of different fish body fluids. The osmotic pressure of freshwater fish body fluids is closer to that of human body fluids living on land, so the parasites in freshwater fish are more likely to survive in human body. However, the parasites in sea water fish can't live because of osmotic pressure, and a few of them, such as allomynchus, can cause damage to human body but also die in human body.

The practice of basking fish


Sashimi, egg, lettuce, oil, salt


1. Defrost and dice sashimi. Tear small pieces of lettuce, clean and control the water.

2. Put some salt into the bowl, knock two eggs, and mix well.

3. Make a fire and sit in the pot. Heat it and then oil it. Stir fry lettuce first. Stir quickly and add salt. Stir well and set up the pot and plate.

4. Wash the pan, make a new fire and sit in the pan. Heat the pan, then add the oil. After the oil is hot, pour the evenly stirred fish cubes into the skillet. On top of the lettuce. When eating, lettuce and fish are eaten together. The taste is speechless.


Is there any harm in eating the fish? There is no problem in buying basaltic fish through regular channels. Make this dish with as little seasoning as possible so that you can eat the fish itself.