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Can fat people wear a white T-shirt with a round neck? How can a white T-shirt look good

The white T-shirt is the most white and classic clothing in summer. Is white t suitable for people with different complexion, face shape and body? Come and have a look.

Who's wearing T-shirt with round neck

​ oval face

This should be the most perfect face shape. It's the ideal face shape. It's really flawless. It doesn't need a collar or hairstyle to decorate it. So it's suitable for all collars. Fairies with this face shape don't have to tangle at all. It's OK to wear a round neck T-shirt~

Inverse triangle face

In fact, this face shape is almost perfect, similar to the heart shape, but also a bit like "melon seed face", with a wide forehead and a small jaw. It is also the ideal shape for many girls who like short face. So I don't need to think about it. It's also a good-looking T-shirt with what collar to wear~

Triangular face

This kind of face is just the opposite of the inverse triangle face. It has a wide lower jaw, a smaller upper forehead and a pear shape. This kind of face is more suitable for V-neck T-shirt than round neck T-shirt, because the design of V-neck can make this kind of face look softer.

Square face

This kind of face looks like an image. It's more spacious and gives people a strong sense of angle. If you wear a round collar, it will look more spacious! So it's better to wear a T-shirt with a U-neck, which can relax the face shape. Of course, if it's a square but not a big face, it's very personal~

Rectangular face

This kind of face also has a sense of contour, but it is also very long. You can keep bangs to ease it. It's not recommended to have a round collar on the collar as it is on the top. But the boat collar, square collar and horizontal collar are all very suitable~

Prismatic face

This kind of face looks very sharp and long, and the upper forehead and lower jaw are very narrow. You can use your hair style to decorate it, leave a fringe over your forehead, and then comb the hair on your temples a little fluffy, so that you can decorate it into an inverse triangle. Any t-shirt with collar will look very good~

Round face

This face is wide and full, suitable for increasing the sense of length, which can better reduce the round feeling. V-neck T-shirt is the most suitable way to relax. When wearing a round neck T-shirt, the neckline needs to be larger than the face shape, so the face is very small. Don't choose a round neck T-shirt that is too close to the neck~

How to distinguish what kind of face you are

I don't know what kind of face I am? You may need a mirror, and then you need a standard face shape chart to compare it. Next, according to the characteristics of different face types below, see what kind of face you are~

Oval face: zygomatic width & gt; temporal bone & gt; parotid; parotid is not square; standard three court.

Square face type: the parotid bone is relatively square with clear edges and corners; the Sunken Temple is about the same as the width of cheekbones and parotid bones; the chin is not very prominent and feels integrated with the parotid bone.

Rectangular face shape: like the square, the Sunken Temple is about the same width as cheekbones and parotid bones; the parotid bones are square and slightly angular; the length of the whole face is slightly longer than the standard length.

Inverse triangle face type: width of parotid & gt; zygoma and temporal bone; square parotid bone; sharp mandible.

Rhomboid face: the width of the temporal bone & gt; the cheekbones, parotids, and forehead, that is, the temples look much wider than elsewhere, but the forehead is narrow and the chin is pointed.

How to wash the white T-shirt? Soak it in baking soda

Add some baking soda to the warm water and wait a while before soaking the white T-shirt in water for 3 to 4 hours. After that, the T-shirt will be very white if you wash it regularly~

Soak in Salt + baking soda

In addition to adding baking soda alone to soak, you can also add salt and baking soda to Soak clothes in warm water at the same time, and then soak for one night, and then take out the T-shirt the next day to clean, which is very white~

Wash T-shirt with aspirin

There are not many people who should know about it. Instead of washing powder, aspirin can be used to dissolve in water, and then put into T-shirt for cleaning, so that the white T-shirt will not turn yellow~

Add lemon juice or soak in lemonade

It's very good to wash the white T-shirt with lemon. You can boil a pot of warm water first, then put the lemon slices into it. After boiling for a while, soak the T-shirt in the boiled lemon water, and then wash it again. Or you can directly add some lemon juice when cleaning the white T-shirt, and the washed T-shirt will be particularly white~

Add white vinegar to laundry

A lot of people say that a little white vinegar can whiten your face. I don't know if it's true. But if you add a little white vinegar to your white T-shirt, it won't turn yellow~

Soak skimmed milk

Milk can whitening, should be a lot of people know that ~ that used to wash clothes? Isn't it amazing? When cleaning a white T-shirt, soak it in skim milk or add two spoonfuls of milk directly to keep the white T-shirt clean and prevent yellowing~

Soak in orange peel water

Put the orange peel into the pot and heat it to boil. Then soak the white T-shirt in boiling water for a while, and then scrub it. The T-shirt will be as white as new~

Wash T-shirt with rice washing water

The rice washing water can whiten the skin, which should be known by most people. So it's great to wash the white T-shirt with it. After rice washing, leave the water behind, then soak the T-shirt for a while and then wash it~

How to maintain white T-shirt and how to prevent deformation

It's very important to learn the right way to take off T-shirt ~ many people will directly grasp the neckline and pull it up to take off T-shirt. In fact, this method is particularly easy to damage the fabric weaving of neckline, and it will soon become loose and lose elasticity. Although removing clothes from the bottom up will also make the neckline larger, the latter is better.

How to save correctly

A lot of people will buy clothes storage boxes for convenient storage. Which one is more suitable for storing white T-shirts? In fact, the best way is to use the cotton dust cover to cover the white T-shirt first, and then hang it on the hanger!

If you feel troublesome, it's better to hang it on the hanger than to use plastic storage box and cardboard box to store it. Because plastic storage box will prevent T-shirt from contacting oxygen, while cardboard box will have acid. If the time is long, two storage methods will make the white T-shirt yellow!