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What should I do when my legs are nervous and shaking during the interview? How to overcome intervie

Graduation season has passed. For college students now, the most urgent thing is how to find a job they like, so they will inevitably deal with the interviewer. What about the nervousness during the interview? The nervousness in the interview will easily affect the personal performance and leave a bad impression on the interviewer. Today, the small editor of will teach you how to overcome the nervousness Take the interview nervous!

1. Since tension cannot be avoided, we should face it squarely

First of all, the tension of examinees is normal. The tension in the civil servant interview is not a bad thing. Don't be afraid of tension. It's normal to be nervous during an interview. It's not normal to be nervous. Moderate tension is conducive to stimulating excitement; excessive tension will lead to abnormal performance.

2. Adjust the interview mentality

Before the interview, the examinee will hear many words like this: build up confidence, don't be nervous, relax. But it's easier said than done. In order to adjust the mentality of the examinee, we must achieve one high and one low level: high morale - I am definitely better than my opponent; low goal - to reduce the chance of success. Adjust "must go up" to "can't go up, do your best, the process is more important than the result". Take the right to participate in the interview as exercise yourself, so as to get rid of the burden and go to the battle easily, so as to open up the answer. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

3. Slow down

When communicating with the interviewer, the interviewer may speak faster and faster because of nervousness. At this time, if you deliberately slow down the speed of speaking, not only can you reduce the nervousness, but also let the interviewer listen to your words carefully, leaving a deep impression on him.

4. Avoid pursuing perfection

It's unrealistic to think of the questions as thoughtful and comprehensive in a short interview time. As long as you can really say what you think and present your best to the examiner, you will win. It's unwise to pursue perfection blindly or even to be nervous when the interview is not as good as you want.

5. Leave enough time for yourself to arrive at the interview site

If you arrive at the interview site, on the one hand, you will leave a bad impression on the examiner, or even lose your job because you are a few minutes late, on the other hand, you will become more nervous because you are in a hurry. On the contrary, if you arrive at the place easily, you will be more relaxed and play at the best level in the interview.

6. Buy a garment of high quality according to your own economic conditions

When you put on new clothes that are appropriate and comfortable, you sometimes feel refreshed, confident and less nervous. (this article is exclusively compiled by WYH, editor of If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source and source. Related article link:

How to keep a good attitude during the interview

Once the job seeker has a good attitude, he will not be nervous and confident in the interview, and can answer the interviewer's questions calmly, so as to lay a good foundation for the successful application Keep a positive attitude

The applicant who has a positive attitude always regards every interview opportunity as a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity, which can be met but can't be asked for. It's the new success that beckons to you. So, before the interview, you can prepare carefully, call, check the information to find out, and think about the details of every possible question carefully. You can expect to play a normal or extraordinary role in the interview. People with such a positive attitude are not afraid of the interference of negative news. What 'you should think more about it! This job is not suitable for you', what 'aren't you overqualified', what 'wait, maybe there are better positions' and so on. In fact, looking for a job is looking for opportunities, and opportunities are never available. Some opportunities are fleeting. If you don't catch them, you will lose them.

Keep the mindset of two-way choice

You go to apply for an interview, not fate in the hands of the other party. Fate is still in my own hands. Indeed, from the perspective of the employing unit, you are under review to see if your conditions meet the requirements of recruitment. However, from another point of view, the household unit and the main examinee are also being examined by you to see if the conditions given by them can attract you. Two way choice, you study me, I also study you! -- with this kind of mentality, you have the upper hand in spirit (but don't be arrogant). With a calm and steady manner, you can naturally show a kind of not humble but not arrogant attitude towards the examiner's series of problems.