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What are the food taboos of Houttuynia cordata

Sihaiwang: Houttuynia cordata is a very nutritious food, many people will drink Houttuynia cordata with water, so what's a good match for Houttuynia cordata with water? What taboos does Houttuynia cordata have when it is used? Come and have a look.

Houttuynia can't be eaten with anything

At present, Houttuynia cordata has no special food taboo, and general food can be matched.

Houttuynia cordata is rich in carbohydrates, protein, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It has the functions of moistening intestines, relieving constipation, clearing away heat and toxin, strengthening stomach and eliminating food. Generally, Houttuynia cordata has no clear taboo. It's better not to eat it with spicy and greasy food.

What does Houttuynia cordata have with water

​ houttuynia and liquorice

Houttuynia cordata and liquorice are both Chinese herbal medicines. The two ingredients do not match each other. They can be taken together. In addition, Houttuynia cordata is spicy, fishy and liquorice is sweet. Adding liquorice can cover up some fishy smell and improve the taste of Houttuynia cordata.

2. Houttuynia and dandelion

Dandelion is a common Chinese medicine. It is mild in nature and sweet in taste. It can clear away heat and detoxify, eliminate swelling and dissolve knots. Houttuynia cordata has a pungent taste, cold nature and lung meridian. It can clear away heat and detoxify, reduce swelling and treat sore, diuresis and dehumidification, clear heat and stop dysentery, strengthen stomach and eliminate food. It can also treat lung carbuncle, sore and swelling toxin, hemorrhoids and fecal blood, spleen and stomach heat. The combination of the two can clear away heat and detoxify more effectively.

3. Houttuynia and honeysuckle

Houttuynia houttuynia and honeysuckle can be respectively drunk as herbal tea, which can clear away heat and detoxification. Honeysuckle is sweet to cold and clear heat without hurting stomach. Both can also be drunk together.

Some taboos of Houttuynia

1. Although it's good, it belongs to spicy and cold food. If you eat too much, it will make you asthma. If you eat it for a long time, it will damage the essence of Yang Qi exploitation. So if it's allergic constitution, it's better not to eat a lot, to avoid sun dermatitis after eating. Do not eat deficiency cold constitution and Yin cold sores without obvious redness, swelling, heat and pain.

2. Auricular root is a good Chinese medicine, but many people think that the side effect of traditional Chinese medicine is small and pure, so they will always eat it. However, we need to know that some substances will be added in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, which may be harmful to the body. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor when taking auricular root to treat some infectious diseases.

3. The roots and leaves can be eaten raw, fried or boiled, and Houttuynia injection can also be used to treat urinary tract infection and respiratory tract infection, but the roots can be sensitized, so it is better to eat less.