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How much is Yicai labial glaze? Does a Yicai labial glaze fade

Yicai is also a micro business brand. Many people say it's easy to use. They don't know if it's true. Let's learn about it together!

It's reported that Yicai Lip Glaze costs 98 yuan a piece, but Xiaobian looked at a cat and it's 168 yuan a piece.

Cosmetics for special use or not: no

Color classification: active orange queen red cherry pollen

Specification type: normal specification

Brand: Yicai

Effect: enhance the complexion

Origin: China

Suitable for skin type: any skin type

Price: 98

Do you need to worry about the discoloration? It's still a long time. This is because the Lip Glaze contains organic silicone! Organosilicon is widely used in medicine and daily chemicals. It is not only harmless to the environment and skin, but also can effectively block ultraviolet rays, that is to say, our lips and glazes are also sunscreen! The reason why the lip glaze is thick is that the silicone resin can be attached to the lip, so as not to fade! But the lip glaze is waterproof and oil-proof.

How to use the lip enamel for 1 weeks? First, apply hot towels to the lips first, until you can remove the dead skin on your lips. If the lips are naturally dry, the girls are best coated with colourless lipstick for moisturizing.

2. Then pick up the eyebrow brush and apply the lip glaze. Draw a curved short critical line on the upper lip along the upper lip line. The other half of the lips also draw the critical line as shown in the figure.

3. Also use eyebrow brush to apply proper amount of Lip Glaze, and mend the lip line from the lip corner. The other half of the lips are also filled.

4. At this time, fill the upper lip with Lip Glaze, so that the lip glaze will not overflow the critical line drawn by us and cover our entire upper lip.

5. Next, apply the center part of the lower lip with the brush head of the lip glaze as shown in the figure.