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After small bubble cleaning, I feel the skin is worse. Is there any side effect of small bubble clea

The deep cleaning and exfoliation function of small bubble pores is still very good, but it is not suitable for people with sensitive muscles and thin cuticle. If you feel that your skin is getting worse after use, it is because you are not suitable for it!

Is there any side effect of small bubble cleaning? Small bubble cleaning usually has no side effect under normal operation, because this small bubble cleaning is a non skin breaking way to clean pores and remove blackheads. It works on the skin through vacuum negative pressure, so it will not directly affect the skin health, resulting in skin side effects. However, if the beauty seeker does small bubble cleaning in the informal institutions, it may have side effects such as skin allergy under the operation of the informal doctors. What are the side effects of cleaning skin with small bubbles? If the operation is improper and causes skin redness and swelling during the treatment of deep cleaning with small bubbles, if the beautician's technique and strength are not well controlled, and the instrument for deep cleaning with small bubbles stays on the skin for too long, the side effects of redness and swelling will appear on the skin. Redness and swelling is an inflammatory reaction of the skin. The repair time varies from 6 hours to 72 hours. Therefore, once there is a short-term reaction of skin redness and swelling, no treatment is needed, but if there is a long-term redness and swelling after cleaning the small bubbles, you need to contact the surgeon immediately.

Using Shanzhai instrument to cause skin hypersensitivity and deep cleaning of small bubbles may cause side effects of skin hypersensitivity to a small number of beauty seekers. This is generally due to the irregular deep cleaning instrument of small bubbles or the side effects caused by misoperation during deep cleaning treatment of small bubbles. Therefore, before the deep cleaning of small bubbles, it is necessary to carefully select institutions and doctors, so as to avoid the side effects of skin allergy after the deep cleaning of small bubbles. It may lead to the side effect of infection if it violates the use taboo, which is not that the instrument may damage the skin, but when the beauty seeker's skin is damaged, it is not allowed to use the deep cleaning of small bubbles for treatment together. If this taboo is violated, it will cause skin infection of the beauty seeker.

Excessive use will lead to thinning of cuticle and deep cleaning of small bubbles. The frequency of use will be different for each skin type. Generally, it is OK for healthy skin to do deep cleaning of small bubbles once a month. It is not recommended to clean the skin too often. If it is excessively cleaned, the skin will become fragile and the skin protection ability will be reduced. That is to say, the barrier function of the cuticle will be weakened, so that the skin of the beauty seeker will be easily sensitive because of the change of the external environment.

Small bubble cleaning is suitable for the crowd small bubble cleaning is suitable for the crowd with excessive oil secretion (oily face), white head, blackhead, acne and large pores. In addition, people with dry skin, fine lines and uneven dark and yellow skin can also do it once a month. However, if you are sensitive skin, your cuticle may be damaged in nine out of ten. It is not suitable for small bubble cleaning, because small bubble cleaning will weaken the cuticle thickness of the skin.