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Who can't clean small bubbles? Precautions after cleaning small bubbles

Small bubbles are the skin management of South Korea special fire. This high-tech way to remove horniness and blackhead can make your skin better absorb skin care products. Next, let's take a look at the precautions after cleaning the small bubbles.

Do not operate on the damaged skin, because there is a step of using acid and salicylic acid for the deep cleaning of the small bubble, and if the person with the damaged skin does it, it will cause skin tingling.

2. Customers with skin allergy in acute stage and skin wound are not recommended to make small bubbles for the same reasons.

3. Patients with heart disease, epilepsy and tumor should not make small bubbles. Because there are potential risks.

4. Those who have done filling and plastic minimally invasive surgery cannot do it because it may affect the filling.

5. People with metal brackets in the body can't do it, because it may affect the therapeutic effect.

6. Do not do infectious skin problems, because it is easy to increase skin irritation.

7. For the safety of mother and baby, pregnant women are not recommended.

8. People with hormone dermatitis should do it carefully to avoid stimulation.

After the cleaning of small bubbles, please wash your face with clear water. After the cleaning of small bubbles last night, if you want to wash your face, you should pay attention to wash it with clear water. Do not use facial cleanser. This is because the facial cleanser used by some little sisters is not gentle, and after cleaning the small bubbles, part of the cutin of the skin is removed, and the resistance will be worse than usual. Therefore, when cleansing, we should avoid stimulation, and the best way is to use warm water to clean.

Hydrating, moisturizing and hydrating are the things that young ladies must pay attention to after cleaning the small bubbles, because we mainly refer to hydrating the cuticle, and only when the cuticle is hydrated enough, can we truly seal the moisture inside the skin and make the skin healthier and stronger. However, the steps of replenishing water and moisturizing should be chosen in the most concise way after finishing the cleaning of small bubbles. For example, spray hot spring water spray after cleansing. Moisturize with no flavour, no preservatives, weak acid lotion and moisturizing lotion.

Avoid spicy food to stimulate the little sisters to do deep foaming and skin cleaning, and pay attention to avoid spicy food stimulation, because spicy and irritant food (such as spicy hot pot, fish head with pickled peppers, etc.) is easy to make the skin sweat more. When we sweat when eating, we usually choose to wipe directly, which will bring some bacteria into the pores, resulting in small air bubbles After cleaning, the pores began to pile up dirt again. Therefore, it is better not to eat spicy food after cleaning.

Although it is only a simple skin management project to strengthen the cleaning of sunscreen small bubbles, it must not be taken lightly after finishing the cleaning of small bubbles. It is necessary to pay attention to strengthen sunscreen. As long as the daily skin is exposed to the sun for 15 minutes, it will produce inflammatory reaction, make the skin's basement layer emit melanin, and also easily make the collagen in the dermis lose. The more severe the UV exposure, the more obvious the aging, inflammation and black spots. Therefore, after the deep cleaning of small bubbles, in order to ensure the whitening effect of the old waste cutin after peeling, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthen the sun protection.

After finishing the small bubbles, the ladies and sisters should apply more mask. Because the cuticle of the skin becomes thinner after the cleaning of small bubbles, the moisture inside the skin is more easily released. Therefore, in order to ensure the moisture of the skin, the best thing for the ladies is to apply the mask after finishing the small bubbles. The multi application mask mentioned here refers to two times a week, and the best choice is to mask the beauty class. The beauty mask can be bought in the hospital.

To avoid exfoliation small bubbles clean the skin after the operation of the project, Miss Aimei must pay attention to: within a month, do not do exfoliation care. Because the small bubble cleaning skin itself is a kind of exfoliation care, and if the exfoliation is too frequent, it will increase the risk of allergy. For beauty lovers who want healthy skin, it's not worth it.

After the cleaning and nursing of small bubbles, ladies and sisters need to pay attention to avoid using makeup in a short period of time, because the cleaning of small bubbles is to remove the dirt that is blocked in the pores when we usually do not remove the makeup. And if you make up immediately after cleaning the small bubbles, the pores that are cleaned will be immediately filled with the powder of the makeup products, and then we will increase the friction of the skin when we remove the makeup, which may not be able to remove the powder. Therefore, after the project of small bubble cleaning and skin beautifying is completed, in order to ensure the cleaning effect and skin health, we should pay attention to avoid makeup as much as possible.