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What pants should I wear with a shoulder top? How to match a collar top

What pants should I wear with a shoulder top? How to match a collar top in the past two years, one shoulder clothes are very popular, showing the figure can also set off a person's temperament, but many girls don't know how to match them for the first time. Let's have a look at some matching skills for you.

What pants should I wear with a shoulder top and shorts

Hot summer, it's a good time to wear hot pants to show off your legs. Shorts / skirts, as a sexy and street essential piece in summer, are superimposed with a shoulder top, which is probably the most sexy combination. You with a good figure, of course, should be bold.

Straight neck top with jeans

The combination of shoulder and denim is the most common and popular combination. The hardness and randomness of denim can weaken the sexiness of shoulder, the collision and perfect integration of frankness and femininity

One shoulder pair with cropped pants makes you more knowledgeable in sweetness

The conservative matching of trousers shows a little sexy, which is not too much and a little more elegant. Casual can be a good way to go to work.

It can be worn with sandals, pointed high heels or even small white shoes.

One neck top with trousers

Tired of matching a suit with a shirt, you might as well use it with a shoulder top. Wear it like this, and your working time will never be boring.

One shoulder top with wide leg pants

One shoulder top and wide leg pants make you feel more comfortable than fairies and handsome boyfriends. However, both of them are pieces with a certain silhouette, so they are more suitable for mm with a sense of body and bone. The fatter girl will only pass through the fatter, so you need to make a detour.

Short lace one shoulder top with extra long wide leg pants will also have a high visual effect, which can be worn with high heels and flat shoes. It's great for work and dating.

One shoulder top with flared pants

Charming collarbone sexy shoulder line, greatly improve your turning back rate. Style with the most popular flare jeans, retro style. Cool, comfortable and stylish! Add it to your shopping list!

Black off shoulder top and khaki flared pants are elegant. You may as well wear a pair of exaggerated earrings to decorate your swan neck.

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This is the right way to open the jeans in summer. The design of wide legs is not too selective for leg type. The slight fat girl or the thigh is thick and the O-shaped legs can be held. The design of seven points shows that the leg length is needless to say. The most important thing is that the burr + asymmetric leg is the key to up fashion! Finally, don't forget to use sunglasses and belts~

Style 2: one neck top + micro pull jeans

Micro pull jeans are retro and elegant, which are popular in recent years. It's even more beautiful to match with a one word collar top. You are fashionable when you wear classic Chanel color blocking shoes.

Style 3: one neck top + denim shorts

It's sexy and heroic. It's very suitable for going out on holiday. Of course, it's not suitable for the stout mushroom in the lower body. Choose the high waisted style for shorts, and it's more delicate to put the top into the head of pants.

Style 4: one neck top + half length skirt

Oliver Palermo, a New York lady, wore a cut-out skirt with a line neck top. She was elegant and elegant. She wore a line with high heels, which was too beautiful.

MK's early spring 2017 collection is elegant and modern with a fishtail skirt and a line neck top.


Anne Hathaway's umbrella skirt is also retro.

Style 5: one neck top + skirt

Maybe the girl who is not very tall is worried that the long skirt will show procrastination, so the short skirt is your dish, and the denim skirt is also a fashionable choice. The design with a little burr is more chic, remember to match it with belt accent waistline~

Style 6: one neck top + same color bottom

If you want to catch the eye, you can try to match it with the bottoms in the same color as the lapel tops. Large areas of color blocks have a strong sense of existence. It is suggested to start with classic colors such as black, white and blue~

Antiskid skill of one shoulder clothes

Tools: 4 pins and 4 rubber bands (the number of rubber bands depends on the tightness of the clothes)

1. The rubber bands are tied together.

2. Pin the pins to the ends of the rubber band.

3. Let the front and back of the pin buckle on the sleeve of the off shoulder sweater parallel to the shoulder.

4. When wearing, let the rubber band pass under your hand, so that you can fix the off shoulder shirt, and you can't move the clothes up again.