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Why do we turn off the review? When will the commentary review start?

Why do we turn off the review? When will the commentary review start?

Sihai network: Recently, friends who played jitter had found that all the videos could not read the comment, nor could they comment. It triggered widespread heated debate. When does the jitter commentary start? Let's have a look.

Why do we turn off the comment?

Recently, the short video circle can be said to be a constant storm. Before we had a quick operation and a rectification of the volcano's lower shelf, then the connotation was cut off forever. It can be said that the action was very big. After the closing of the connotation, a large number of users rushed into the jitter, and the comments were rash.

After broadcasting the message that today's headlines are permanently shut down, such as "content paragraph" and other vulgar audio-visual products, a large number of users are streaming into the jitter.

Even if there are thousands of comments, there are still 'no comments' displayed below. I do not know if the bug accident occurred in APP, or because of some reasons, the official "control review".

Associating with this afternoon's conjecture paragraph APP after being put off the shelf, 'Duan' collectively attacked the voice review area. We suspect that the comment cleared may be related to this matter.

In addition, I have to think of the "rectification storm" that the headline suffered repeatedly in recent days.

According to the existing information, we have the following conjectures:

1) the clearing up of trembling comments may be an extension of the way to suppress connotations, that is, it is possible to receive the pressure to cause the comment to be blocked. If this is the conjecture, the pressure on the headlines will be great in the future. In extreme view, it is not possible to stop the jitter from being shut down for a few days.

2) It may also be the behavior of the headline official in Duan youshuan's screen state, and the initiative to shut down the comment area. It may be to try to avoid the disturbance of these days's internal jokes and further stir up and annoy the public. If so, it may clear all comments of Duan you and reopen the comment area tomorrow.

3) Occasional accident. But we try to send a comment, which shows that it is "comment service maintenance", so the possibility can be ruled out with a high probability.