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The elopement of son-in-law and daughter-in-law

The elopement of son-in-law and daughter-in-law my daughter-in-law eloped with my son-in-law. At first sight, it seems that there is no problem. However, the truth is that my son's daughter-in-law eloped with her daughter's husband. To be exact, my sister-in-law eloped with her little sister-in-law's husband. It sounds like a bloody plot. However, it happened in fact, and it was a double volume elopement!

Just past father's day, old Wu was almost angry to spit blood, one day, son-in-law and daughter-in-law both disappeared, and they disappeared together, there are two family deposits, police confirmed that the two eloped!

Looking at the son who wants to cry without tears, the daughter who tears, and the granddaughter who cries for father and mother.

The old couple regretted, knowing that they should not & hellip; & hellip;

The daughter-in-law and son-in-law disappeared together

First of all, I found something wrong with my son, Wu Dagang. It was Sunday, a rare day off. Chen Yanling, his wife, did not sleep in as usual, and got up early in the morning.

'why do you get up so early?' Wu Dagang was a little surprised. Chen Yanling replied, 'it's too hot to sleep. '

Chen Yanling took a big bag of things to go out, and Wu Dagang was even more surprised. 'why do you go in the early morning?' Chen Yanling said of going to wash clothes by the stream, 'it has been raining for a long time, it's hard to clear up today and wash the dirty clothes well. The water in the stream is clean and saves water and electricity. '

'when has this woman become so industrious and thrifty? The sun is coming out in the West!' Wu Dagang muttered, holding the child and turning to sleep.

The couple have two children, the son is 6 years old and the daughter is 3 years old. Originally, the two children slept in the small room by themselves, but the night before yesterday, Chen Yanling must bring both of them to sleep together.

Four people sleep in a small bed, which is a bit crowded. Wu Dagang didn't sleep well, and Chen Yanling didn't either.

Until about 12 noon, Chen Yanling didn't come back. The child was quarreling and hungry. Wu Dagang called Chen Yanling and found that it had been shut down. Wu Dagang also received a message from the bank. The 50000 yuan on the card was taken away at one time.

This is all the savings of the husband and wife. At this time, Wu Dandan, who was panicked, ran in, and her husband, Wang Gang, was gone. He called and didn't answer. His 17000 yuan savings were taken away.

They stressed that they really love each other

Wu Dagang, 31, and Wu Dandan, 28, are brothers and sisters from Hubei Province. The daughter of Wu Dandan and Wang Gang is five years old.

Lao Wu and his wife have been working in Wenling for many years. They have taken root. Their children don't have any good jobs in the local area. Three years ago, Lao Wu asked both of them to come to Wenling. "There are many factories and mines here, the job is easy to find, and the wages are high. '

It was also Lao Wu's decision to live with his family. A large family live together, lively, children have playmates, adults have care, living expenses also save a lot.

Just life is a little bit out of the ordinary, give old Wu Yi unexpected results, son-in-law and daughter-in-law disappeared together!

'call the police!' Mr. and Mrs. Wu, brother and sister Wu, took their children to the police station in the north of the city.

Hearing the statement of brother and sister Wu, the police dialed Wang Gang's phone. Wang Gang admitted that he had left Wenling for Wenzhou with Chen Yanling.

"We really love each other". This is the most words Wang Gang and Chen Yanling said in nearly half an hour of talking with the police.

Although there is speculation in the heart, but confirmed by the police, the old Wu couple and the younger Wu brothers and sisters are still ignorant, and their lives are far worse than those in the TV series.

'my daughter is so small and needs a father. Come back soon, I can care nothing!' Wu Dandan asked Wang Gang. In front of his daughter, as long as he came back, he would let go. But Wang Gang said, "I won't go back if I don't bow back. Let her live a good life with her children." I'm sorry for you, I'm sorry for the children, but I feel like I'm going to die when I live with you. You think I'm dead! "

However, Chen Yanling said that she and her husband had been doomed. No matter how persuasive the police were, she insisted not to talk to Wu Dagang on the phone.

Brother and sister decide to divorce

In the past three years of living under the same roof, when did Chen Yanling and Wang Gang fall in love with each other? How did they develop? What made them finally abandon their family and their son and run away?

Old Wu couple don't understand, younger Wu brothers and sisters don't understand, when teeth and tongue are in a fight, they live under the same roof. Chen Yanling and Wu Dandan have quarreled for some trifles. Wu Dagang in the middle of the folder is able to hide, but if he can't, he will be mute. Every time is Wang Gang in the middle of the mediation, the two women are coaxed to be happy, Wu hand words and.

Wu Dagang said that one day in the first half of last year, Chen Yanling suddenly discussed with herself and said that she wanted to move out and live, 'how nice it is for us to live in a clean and refreshing life!'

But Wu Dagang was adamantly against it. 'it's not very good. We are all easy when the rice mother burns it and the father and the child pick it up together. Wu Dagang said that he was still joking with Chen Yanling. 'our two young couples, playing mahjong, just got together at a table, and didn't have to call anyone else. Win or lose in their own home, this is called Feishui do not flow field. '

At that time, Chen Yanling said "fat water doesn't flow out of the field" for several times. She didn't say anything more, and then she didn't mention moving out.

'maybe at that time, something happened to them, and Yanling decided to move out. I have no concern for her! "Wu Dagang regretted.

"Let them be condemned morally." with the persuasion of the police, Wu Dagang comforted his sister who was crying. Brother and sister said they would go through divorce procedures through judicial channels and make a thorough settlement with each other (because of the privacy involved, the characters in the article are pseudonyms).