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What's the matter with the house price rising gradually in East city of Jinan compared with last year, the real estate market in the eastern urban area of Jinan has been a bit quiet since the Spring Festival. This is mainly because most of the project houses are basically sold out, while the new project houses have not yet been added or put into the market, resulting in a certain degree of block. However, the reporter visited a number of real estate projects in the eastern urban area and found that many projects will be added or put into the market in the near future. However, with the entry of these houses, the house prices in the eastern urban area are gradually rising to a new level, and the projects with the unit price less than 15000 yuan are becoming scarce.

Multiple real estate projects will be promoted in the near future

On April 15, the weekend, Jinan Huashan district and other properties held a new project opening day to increase the popularity of the property. However, Ms. sun, a "Little Red Riding Hood", who was soliciting customers outside a sales office on Century Avenue, frowned. 'I have three tasks of soliciting guests every day, none of which is available today. If I put it in last year, I can get a house watcher who can only be available one week today. '

Ms. Sun told reporters that she was mainly responsible for the three real estate projects along Century Avenue and Jingshi Road. In her opinion, one of the important reasons why it is difficult for buyers to visit now is that many properties have been sold out for a long time but failed to launch new projects. However, the reporter found that Ms. sun's "Sadness" may soon disappear.

In recent days, reporters in the eastern part of the city found that many properties just needed, such as China new international city, were sold out before but have not yet launched a new supply of additional houses, which has been out of stock for a long time. A reporter visited the Sales Office of Zhongxin International City Friday and learned that some of the previously launched phase II houses have been sold out. Now, the last part of the phase II houses are being promoted. 'it is planned to launch new houses at the beginning of the next month. The new houses are mainly 18 story projects, which are still rough. 'said Mr. Wang, the real estate consultant.

China Singapore Jinxiu Tiandi, which is adjacent to China Singapore International City, although there are still some houses that have been launched before, it is also starting to launch houses of new plots. "All the houses to be launched this time are 6-story western style houses, which are expected to be launched at the end of this month and the beginning of next month. '

At the same time, Vanke City Light project, located near Feiyue Avenue, is also busy with the promotion of new housing. According to the real estate consultant, the new housing is planned to be launched at the end of this month and the beginning of next month. 'the new houses are in the north side of the first phase of the project, which is a fine decoration project. '

In addition, Licheng, located in the north of Jingshi Road, is about to add new houses. 'it's been two days. "On the afternoon of the 15th, a real estate consultant told reporters, while on the afternoon of the 18th, the real estate consultant called reporters and said," the opening will begin immediately, and this afternoon is in the process of subscription. This opening is mainly for one-time payment customers. ". '