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What are the functions of tangerine peel? How to eat tangerine peel

Tangerine peel has a high health care function, usually cooking, tea and water are good choices. What are the effects of tangerine peel? Is orange peel orange peel? Let's get to know each other.

Orange peel or orange peel

Orange peel is dried orange peel, so orange peel is used instead of orange peel.

Tangerine peel is the peel of citrus fruit, which is dried in the sun or artificially. Among them, Xinhui orange has the highest peel value. The most significant efficacy of tangerine peel is to eliminate phlegm and cough, dredge the heart and brain vessels, reduce blood pressure, etc., which is one of the precious raw materials with the same source of medicine and food.

Chen PI has a pungent, bitter and warm nature; it can return to the spleen, stomach and lung meridian; Qi Xiang Xuan powder can rise and fall; it has the effect of regulating qi and middle, drying dampness and resolving phlegm, promoting water and defecating; it mainly treats spleen stomach disharmony, abdominal distention and pain, does not think about food and drink, vomitus; phlegm dampness blocks the lung, coughs and phlegm, chest and diaphragm are full of stuffiness, dizziness; edema, urination is not good, defecation is secret; mastitis and scabies, fish and crab poison, alcohol poison.

Is orange peel hot or cold

Tangerine peel is warm.

The nature of tangerine peel is neither hot nor cold. According to traditional Chinese medicine, tangerine peel belongs to the nature of temperature, that is, partial heat, entering the spleen, stomach and lung channels. Regulating qi, strengthening spleen, regulating middle, drying dampness and resolving phlegm. Indications: fullness of epigastric distention or pain, dyspepsia. Dampness, turbidity and obstruction of the chest tightness, abdominal distention, nostalgia and loose stools. Cough and asthma with phlegm dampness in the lung.

Orange peel is a kind of good traditional Chinese medicine, which has the functions of rational gasification of phlegm, strengthening stomach and dehumidification, reducing blood pressure and so on. It can be washed and dried, soaked in white spray, and drunk after 2-3 weeks. It can clear lung and turn phlegm. The longer the immersion time, the better the wine taste. In addition, orange peel contains a large amount of vitamin C and essential oil. It can be washed and dried and stored like tea leaves. It can be washed with the tea leaves or can be washed separately. It is refreshing and refreshing.

The use of dried tangerine peel

1. You can use tangerine peel to make porridge. People who are used to porridge can add some dried orange peel to make porridge, which can make us feel good and appetizer.

2. You can use dried orange peel for soup. Usually we can add a few pieces of orange peel to the soup, which can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

3. You can steam fish with dried orange peel. When we steam fish, we can add some tangerine peel not only to remove fishy smell, but also to clear away heat and appetizer, strengthen spleen and tonify.

4. Dried orange peel can be used to make Pu'er tea. People who like to drink Pu'er tea may as well add some tangerine peel to make tea, which not only has the fragrance of tangerine peel, but also has rib digestion.

5. You can use orange peel to make water. Usually when we drink water, we can use orange peel to soak water, which can play the role of resolving phlegm and relieving cough.