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How to choose tangerine peel

Of course, the older the tangerine peel, the better its age, the higher its nutritional value, the better its health care function and the better its taste. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of tangerine peel? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

Is the tangerine peel as old as possible

As long as we compare the different aged tangerine peel, we can see the gap. The three-year-old tangerine peel has a clear fragrance. In five years, the tangerine peel begins to have a longer aftertaste. After ten years, the old medicine flavor begins to appear. 20 years of tangerine peel will produce bone fragrance, and the best tangerine peel is accompanied by Camphor Fragrance. They are different not only in smell, aroma degree and aftertaste time, but also in layers. The higher the aging age of tangerine peel, the more obvious the taste level, and the more refreshing the taste.

However, aging years not only affect the taste and flavor of tangerine peel, but also form different pharmacological value, which also has a significant impact on storage value-added. Generally speaking, more than three years of aging period, can be called orange peel. Five year old tangerine peel is suitable for health preservation, disease prevention and body conditioning. For more than ten years, tangerine peel has therapeutic effect. It is regarded as an essential component of many traditional Chinese medicines. Compared with ordinary drugs, it is more targeted, and it will avoid side effects to bring load to human body. Especially for weak women, children and the elderly, it is more suitable for the treatment of tangerine peel. If you buy more than 20 years of tangerine peel, the conditioning cycle will be greatly shortened, and the effect will be doubled.

In addition, the older the tangerine peel is, the rarer it will be. Because the tangerine peel needs to be dried every year to prevent mildew and insects, there are not many tangerine peel with high age. Therefore, the longer the aging period of tangerine peel, the collection value is very significant.

Why is the tangerine peel better and better

Tangerine peel is a common Chinese medicine, which is made by drying the peel. Some people say that the older the peel, the better. This is because the older the peel, the better the taste, but also pay attention to the preservation methods to avoid deterioration of the peel.

The function of traditional Chinese medicine is smell. Orange peel has a strong medicinal gas, which can cause some irritation and side effects. After storage for a little longer, the medicine will volatilize gradually and can be taken. If it is aged indefinitely for many years, it will lose its efficacy. Therefore, Chen Jiu has a certain limit. Generally speaking, the service life of 1-2 years is suitable.

It's not easy to distinguish the year when the tangerine peel is more and more fragrant. There are many mysteries in it. Even the local people may not be able to distinguish it. Only the master who has been engaged in the production of tangerine peel for many years can distinguish it. According to them, the most important way to distinguish the year of tangerine peel is from the smell. Because with the increase of the year, the content of the volatile oil in the tangerine peel of Xinhui increases with time in three years, or even Some new ingredients appear, and the smell also changes from the green and astringent fruit flavor to the unique flavor of tangerine peel, which is more obvious when used in making soup; secondly, the skin and pulp of aged tangerine peel are thinner, light and crisp when placed on the hand, which is easier to break than the new peel.

How to choose the best tangerine peel

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Soft and hard

The shorter the age, the softer the skin, because there are still a lot of fructose and water in the orange peel, so it is easy to get wet and soft. The aged tangerine peel is hard and easy to break. The first-class tangerine peel is dry and crisp. It is easy to break with one fold by hand. The surface is dry without any moisture.

2. Look at the color

The inner surface is snow white and yellow white, while the outer surface is bright red and dark red. On the other hand, the aged tangerine peel is old red or brown red on the inner surface and brown or black on the outer surface. The first-class orange peel has a bright color, which is a kind of yellow brown with a little yellow hair. Generally, the orange peel that is too yellow or too bright is not good.

3. Smell

Generally, tangerine peel has three kinds of smell: aging, fragrance and alcohol. If it is stored for 3-8 years, the tangerine peel smells pungent, sour and sweet; if it is stored for 9-20 years, the tangerine peel smells fresh, refreshing and pleasant, without sour taste; if it is stored for 20-40 years, the tangerine peel is pure, sweet and mellow; if it is stored for more than 50 years, the tangerine peel is precious, you can pick up a piece of it and smell it at will, and it will be decapsulated and extraordinary.

4. Taste

The taste of tangerine peel with shorter years is bitter, sour and astringent, while that with higher years is sweet, mellow and aged. Characteristics of high quality orange peel: 1. It must be authentic Guangdong product, made of Xinhui high quality orange peel. 2. The older the tangerine peel, the more fragrant it will be. If it's just used as seasoning or dessert, 2-3 years of tangerine peel will be OK. 3. Orange is the best.