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Hot short hair in the summer of 2018 beautiful girl's short hair

In 2018, women's popular short hair is still the trend. The beautiful short hair has different curls and colors. It's fresh and crisp, and also reveals the sweetness and tenderness of women. Take a look at the popular short hair styles in summer 2018!

Hot short hair pictures in summer 2018

The mid cut short hair is actually pretty good-looking. The length of hair is just to the chin position, and it can also be very good to decorate the face shape. One side of the hair can show temperament when it is lifted to the ear, and it's foreign.

Light mature women must have shoulder length and short hair. This kind of hair with half length but not short is very attractive in daily life after being made into an internal buckle. The split design makes the shape more simple and atmospheric.

Short hair girl's daily shape is more simple, the end of the hair is made into an internal C-shaped roll with super good effect! It looks like a young girl with the help of Qi Liu Hai.

Young and cute girls and student girls like this kind of air, straight hair, straight hair and tail cut together to increase the sense of heaviness, suitable for girls with thick and hard hair.

It's also a good choice to have short bangs and short hair. Changing the hair color can make you more bright in front of your eyes. It's suitable for cute girls in their youth.

Finally, it's a personalized short hair style, with the tail buckle covering the cheek like a mushroom head, and the air bangs with distinct layers are more outstanding, while the personalized hair dyeing makes the style fashionable to fly.

Good looking summer short hair style, split short hair

The mid point bangs design is also the most popular hairstyle this year. Due to the length of bangs to the position of chin, and the hair design with a little inside buckle, both straight hair and curly hair can set off your white skin temporarily, youth and fashion sense.

Clavicle short hair

'clavicular hair' is a new pattern of lob head. For the length and curl of hair tail, it just reaches the position of clavicle, which is more fashionable, but also improves the affinity. It is also one of the most popular hair styles this year.

Short hairpin

It's the most popular short hair with internal buckle, of course. For girls, this short hair with internal buckle is the most fashionable and sweet. Is it more suitable for you to replace this fresh hair in spring?

Qi Liuhai short hair

Neat bangs are not only smart, but also cute with round faces. No matter when you receive ears or straight hair, this kind of short hair can make you beautiful, but it's only suitable for you with round faces!

Short hair in different hair styles

This is a school style short hair. It's really fashionable and beautiful to burn the end of the hair into a C-shaped scroll. It also has a good effect on the face shape, making the face look smaller and more exquisite.

Intellectual Bob

This kind of intellectual style Bob is light, mature and artistic. The asymmetrical design of the hair and tail on both sides can well decorate the face. It's a magic tool for round face and square face girls to repair the face. One side of the hair can be lifted to the ear to make it not beautiful.

Fair face and short hair

Puffed face curly short hair

It's also a very good short hair with a puffy and textured head. It's very organic with leather clothes.

Short hair

The short hair just to the neck is actually a very good hair style. It's really worth everyone to cut it! It's a little curly at the end of the hair like this. It's not good enough.