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2018nba playoff Knight vs Walker video online viewing address at 07:00 on April 21, Beijing time, the NBA playoff Cavaliers vs walkers broadcast live. Cleveland Cavaliers equalised at home. They will play Indiana Pacers on the 21st. LeBron should continue to dominate, to have a better performance in the offensive end, the finger injured loff should strive to bring greater contribution, other teammates of the Cavaliers should also give LeBron more support, the Cavaliers hope to win away to regain the home advantage. The Pacers return to the home court for the match. For oradibo and Turner to have better performance on the offensive side, they need to lead the team to hold the home court 2-1 lead.

This season, the Pacers beat the Cavaliers 3-1 in the regular season, winning at both home. Before this season, the Pacers lost to the Cavaliers three times in a row. In the last five regular season games against the Cavaliers, the Pacers won 4-1, and the Cavaliers only won on February 9, 2017. In the playoffs, the two teams have met twice before, and each team has eliminated the opponent once. In the 2017 playoffs, the Cavaliers swept the Pacers 4-0, visiting Indiana twice, and the Cavaliers won. The Pacers are 2-2 in the playoffs against the Cavaliers at home.

Expected starting lineup of both sides

Cavaliers: Hill, Smith, Koval, LeBron, Loew

Pacers: collison, orladibo, Bogdanovic, young, Turner

Live time: 07:00, April 21

Live address: mid=100000:1471497