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China Women's football VS Thailand video live address at 21:45 p.m. on April 20, the women's Asian Cup third place competition will start. China's women's football team has played Thailand team. The two teams have had 13 exchanges in history. China's women's football team has achieved 12-1 draw! The two teams also met in the first round of the tournament, when China beat Thailand 4-0.

Live time: 21:45, April 20

Live address: 5/

Confrontation ranking

According to the latest FIFA statistics ranking, China's women's football ranked 17th in the world, while Thailand's women's football ranked 30th in the world, and China's women's football ranked first in terms of points. According to FIFA statistics, there have been 12 matches between the two teams before. The Chinese women's football team has won 11 games and drawn 1, keeping unbeaten, and has scored 55 goals (4.6 goals per game) and lost 6 goals (0.5 goals per game). It can be seen that the Chinese women's football team also has an advantage in the historical battle.

It is worth mentioning that since ejorson became the head coach of Chinese women's football team, he has led the team against Thai women's football team twice before, achieving a total victory, scoring 6 goals and losing 1 goal.