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How powerful is the dangerous toothpick crossbow?

How powerful is the dangerous toothpick crossbow? crossbow is one of the most dangerous and powerful weapons in the age of cold weapons in ancient China. It is even more powerful than bow and arrow. In the legal provisions of our country, it is clearly stipulated that crossbow is a clear control device, and private trade is prohibited. However, there are always merchants who exploit the legal loopholes. Recently, toothpick crossbow has exploded the circle of friends!

In fact, the shape and structure of toothpick crossbow are miniature versions. Instead of using toothpicks to shoot arrows, you should never underestimate this toy. It is so powerful that it leads to frenzied discussions among friends. Let's take a look!

However, the seemingly small toy crossbow is extremely destructive and easy to hurt people.

"This object, commonly known as the & lsquo; toothpick crossbow & rsquo;, is a common toy among primary and secondary school students recently. It can be shot into gypsum board. Let's take good care of our children. It's suggested that production and sales of toothpick crossbows be banned. It is hoped that relevant supervision departments will pay enough attention to & hellip; & hellip; '

Swipe the screen for fear that the child will be hurt

Ms. Liu, a resident of Changchun, sent a message in her circle of friends that she was "alert to toothpick and crossbow". Her son, 8 years old, is in the third grade of primary school. 'my son didn't play with this toothpick crossbow, but a kid as old as him is just a curious age. If the shops around the school buy this, he is likely to buy a play. 'Ms. Liu said that she also saw the information of the toothpick crossbow in the wechat circle of friends, thinking that her children might play, she quickly forwarded it in the circle of friends.

'I hope parents with children can see it and remind them that this kind of toy must not be played. Liu said that although she was not sure about the power of the toothpick crossbow, she still thought the toy was dangerous. 'imagine using a rubber band to play a toothpick, which can be pierced far away. Besides, the steel wire rope, this kind of toy must be resisted. 'said Ms Liu.

Mr. Zhang, a Changchun citizen, also forwarded the message in the circle of friends. Like Ms. Liu, he was worried about his son or his classmates playing with the toy. 'when I saw the news, I asked my son at the first time if your classmates had played with the toy, and the child said no, so I was relieved. 'Mr. Zhang said that if he saw the child playing with the toy, he would confiscate it as soon as possible and criticize and educate the child. 'if it's in the eye, it's good.'

It seems that the common concern of parents is that toothpick crossbow will bring harm to children. So, is there a toothpick crossbow in the toy shops near the primary and secondary schools in Changchun?

You can see how powerful it is

No toothpick crossbow was found in many shops in Changchun

On the 18th, the reporter visited 10 toy stores and stationery stores near 4 primary schools in Changchun City, and visited the shopping mall specialized in wholesale of children's toys in Changchun City. It is quite gratifying that the new culture reporter failed to find the 'legendary' toothpick crossbow.

In several toy and stationery stores near the meeting of Linhe street and South Third Ring Road, the reporter made a dark observation and found that there was no toothpick crossbow on the shelf. Then the reporter asked the owner of the toy store in the name of the child who wanted to buy a toothpick crossbow. 'this kind of toy we dare not to go on is lethal. If the child is damaged when playing, the parents must come to us. "The toy owner said that he had seen similar toys on the Internet, but he had not seen them in Changchun.

Later, new culture reporters came to liwang experimental primary school, Weihai primary school and Nanling primary school for a visit. No toothpick crossbow or similar toys were found in the toy shops near these primary schools.

On the morning of 18th, in order to find the toothpick crossbow, new culture reporters rushed to a shopping mall for wholesale of children's toys on Guangfu Road for a visit. However, in such a large shopping mall, the reporter still failed to find the toothpick crossbow. 'most of the businesses can't buy this kind of toys. First, there are few buyers. Second, it's easy to get into trouble. No one will get into trouble in order to make a little money. "A merchant said after knowing the reporter's intention.

The power of online shopping toothpick crossbow is amazing

On the 18th, a new culture reporter searched for "toothpick crossbow" on an online e-commerce platform, and found that there were various kinds of toothpick crossbows on the Internet, with prices ranging from a dozen yuan to hundreds yuan, and manufacturers all over the country.

A toothpick crossbow (with different styles and prices) sold for 14.5 yuan to 30.5 yuan. The monthly sales volume has reached an amazing 3152, and even many types of toothpick crossbows have been sold out of stock. In the poster of this toothpick crossbow, the reporter saw that the toothpick crossbow sold in this shop is divided into five types, including single bow piece and multiple bow pieces, with a maximum of five bow pieces, while the bow pieces are different and shoot pieces The range is also different. The range of a single crossbow is 10 meters, and that of a five crossbow is 25 meters.

In the comment area, the new culture reporter saw that many parents are bought to play for their children. One commentator said: 'close range can shoot through cartons, watermelon skin, etc. Since I bought one for my son, I've become their whole class's agent. 'another commentator reminds the buyer' play for the children, just a single bow piece. The power of the five bow pieces is too great, and the cans are pierced with & hellip; & hellip; '