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ZTE news conference today

Recently, the US Department of Commerce has imposed a seven-year export ban on ZTE. This afternoon, ZTE will hold a press conference to see the development of ZTE.

Progress of ZTE incident

April 20: U.S. Department of Commerce: no negotiation space for ZTE's sales ban. Huawei

April 20: ZTE issued a statement: US sanctions are extremely unfair and unacceptable!

April 19: ZTE's latest progress in sanctions: it has stopped relevant business and applied to the US for explanation

April 19: more than 30 funds cut ZTE's valuation by three stops

April 18: ZTE: to assess the impact of the US Department of Commerce's ban on sales on delayed disclosure of the first quarter report

April 17: ZTE sent an internal letter on the US ban: it has set up a crisis response working group for the first time

April 17: China's Ministry of Commerce responds to US regulatory measures against ZTE: take necessary measures at any time

April 17: ZTE's response to the emergency suspension of a + H shares is banned by the United States: active communication and response

April 16: the US Department of Commerce issued an export authority ban to ZTE, claiming that it had made false statements