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2018 recruitment announcement outside the editorial board of Haishu branch of Ningbo Municipal Burea due to work needs, our bureau plans to recruit 26 non staff members. Based on the principle of openness, fairness and justice, we are now open to the public.

1、 Basic conditions for recruitment

1. Abide by the constitution, laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China;

2. Abide by discipline, good conduct, dedication, confidentiality, team spirit, good professional quality;

3. Have the educational background and other requirements for the recruitment position;

4. Have physical conditions suitable for the post requirements;

5. Meet other requirements of the post.

2、 Other conditions

1. Healthy body and correct facial features;

2. Age 40 and under (born after May 1, 1978);

3. Hardworking, with good interpersonal skills and communication skills;

4. Married with children preferred;

3、 Recruitment procedure

1. Sign up

Please fill in the application form for interested applicants (the form must be attached with recent photos, and those without photos will not be notified for reexamination), and send it to email: from April 18 to April 24, 2018 (until 17:00 p.m.), contact: Mr. Liu, contact: 0574-87237677.

2. Qualification examination

First of all, the applicant shall be subject to preliminary qualification examination. After passing the preliminary examination, the applicant shall be informed by phone to conduct qualification review.

During reexamination, please bring the original and copy of ID card, household register, Diploma (degree) certificate, professional title certificate and other relevant certificates to room 504 of Haishu branch of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of land and resources (No. 116, Lane 142, Fengwei Road, Haishu District, Ningbo) for qualification reexamination. The time of reexamination will be notified later.

Four, interview

Interview those who pass the qualification examination, and employ the best. The time and place of the interview will be notified separately.

5、 Employment method and treatment

The mode of labor dispatch shall be implemented, and the treatment shall be in accordance with the salary and treatment of non staff members of the Bureau.