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What are the latest regulations of 2017 driving license? What are the precautions for 2017 driving t

What are the latest regulations of 2017 driving license? What are the precautions for 2017 driving test

Four seas network: in recent years, driver's license examination is more and more strict. After the new rule of driving license came out, it was the most severe in history of netizens' Tucao. In fact, it is also to ensure the safety of you and others. There are still many people who are preparing to take a driving test. They may not know much about the new process and notices of driving license. Procedures and precautions.

Latest driver's license examination process

First, sign up

Take the original and copy of ID card to the driving school registration point for registration, and wait for the arrangement of theoretical study time. (Note: students from other places need temporary residence permit, which can be handled by driving school on behalf of them.)

Students with other driving licenses need to bring the original driving license (additional driving);

To learn how to drive a large truck, you must have a local ID card and be at least 21 years old.

II. Theoretical learning

After arranging the theoretical study time, carry the student card and notice issued by driving school for two days. It is recommended that you can go to driving school to have a performance test or a simulation test before the formal test of the subject, and you can take the test after you have a good command of it.

III. take subject 1 test (written test)

After the information of the students is verified to be correct, the driving school will arrange subject one test

Subject 1 examination process: physical examination - fingerprint collection - computer test.

The time of theoretical examination is arranged in working days, and the form of computer paperless examination is adopted. The examination mainly assesses the basic knowledge of road traffic safety laws and regulations, traffic signals, traffic rules, etc. The test paper of subject 1 consists of 100 questions, the types of which are judgment questions and single choice questions, with a full score of 100 and 90 passing. For those who fail to arrive or pass the examination, the examination shall be rescheduled 15 days later. After the first subject passes the examination, the examination hall of the vehicle management office shall prepare the driving skill certificate in order according to the date of passing the examination.

Note: if you are late for the exam, you will be deemed as abstaining from the exam. You must bring the original ID card on the exam day.

4. Subject 2 training

With the student boarding card, they can go to the designated training ground for training. The examination items of the small car field are '5 items of training and examination', i.e. reverse storage, fixed-point parking and starting on the ramp, side parking, curve driving and right angle turning. The training time can be arranged or negotiated according to the driving school. After all the test subjects are trained, the second test can be reserved.

1. Subject 2 examination

(1) the scoring standard is qualified or unqualified. Subject 2 of motor vehicle driver (transfer assessment method) assessment content:

A. complete driving of motor vehicles according to the specified line in the site with test posts and markings;

B. use ability of vehicle rear-view mirror (left, middle and right);

C. ability to judge the space position of the front, rear, left and right of the vehicle.

Objective: to enable the driver to master the key points of side displacement and reverse storage of the car, and to cultivate the driver's sense of space for the car body.

The specific requirements of the pile type drawing of the new assessment method are as follows:

(2) size:

A. pile length: 2 times of vehicle length. Add 50cm to the front drive motor car.

B. pile width: 70cm for large vehicles and 60cm for small vehicles.

C. road width: 1.5 times the vehicle length.

(3) operation requirements

From the starting point, pour into warehouse B to stop, and then move into and out of warehouse A to stop, and then move forward through warehouse B to the road, and back into warehouse A to stop.

(4) examination method: one of the following circumstances is unqualified

A. do not drive according to the specified route and sequence;

B. rub the pile rod;

C. body outgoing line;

D. the warehouse cannot be moved in;

E. stop twice midway;

F. engine off;

G. turn the wheel after parking;

H. extend your head out of the cab to visit.

2. Subject 2 examination (item)

(1) five out of five on site road test:

After the long-term training passes the registration, the examination hall will arrange another time to take the road test in the "five out of five" field. The place of the test is the driving school examination hall of the applicant. Those who fail to pass the test can be rescheduled for the make-up test 20 days later.

The contents of "five out of five" on-site road test are:

1. Pile overturning test;

2. Right angle turn;

3. Side parking space;

4. Fixed point parking and ramp starting on the uphill road;

5. Curve driving.

After subject 2 is qualified, students can make an appointment for subject 3 only after they have road training according to their needs.

5. Subject 3 (road test)

There are 16 basic items of road driving skills, including getting on the train preparation, starting, straight driving, adding and subtracting gear operation, lane change, parking by the side, straight through the intersection, left turn at the intersection, right turn at the intersection, through the crosswalk line, through the school area, through the bus station, meeting, overtaking, turning around, driving at night. The test mileage of small cars shall not be less than 3 kilometers, and not less than 20% of the candidates shall be selected for night test; if no night test is conducted, the test of simulating night light use shall be conducted.

The road test is the actual on-board test. Those who fail can be rescheduled for the make-up test 20 days later.

The following are the four processes of subject three examination:

1. After receiving the test prompt, check the left rear tire - check the right rear tire - when passing the right rear door, open the door, and then close it - check the right front tire, - stop when walking to the left front corner of the car, look back and forth to the car body, after confirming safety - walk to check the left front tire - come to the door, call for a report, and get on the car after receiving the prompt.

2. Hand over the ID card with both hands -- after receiving the examiner's prompt -- adjust the seat -- try the clutch, accelerator, and gear to be in neutral position -- fasten the seat belt -- adjust the rear-view mirror -- observe the instrument -- press the clutch to the bottom -- put the first gear on -- Observe the left rear-view mirror -- turn on the left turn light -- honk the horn -- report the instrument to be normal -- after receiving the prompt, release the handbrake -- slowly lift the clutch, keep up with the accelerator and start. (Note: after starting, drive in the normal lane, do not run to the overtaking lane at the beginning)

3. Quickly put the gear on the 5th gear, and drive smoothly -- the examiner prompts to overtake (note, the examiner may not have a loud voice, there may be no car ahead to overtake, but you must complete a overtaking process, and do not be at a loss because there is no car to overtake) -- observe the left rear-view mirror -- turn on the left turn signal -- honk -- after passing for a while -- observe the right rear-view mirror -- turn on the right turn signal -- in the normal lane exercise

4. The examiner prompts to pull over to stop -- observe the right rear-view mirror -- turn on the right turn light -- release the accelerator -- moderately press the brake pedal -- after the vehicle speed is reduced -- press the clutch to the end -- when the position is right (pull over to the end of 30cm or so) -- press the brake pedal to the end, and stop steadily -- turn the steering lamp to the normal position -- lift the hand brake -- engage the neutral gear -- release the clutch -- release the brake pedal -- open the door about 20cm or so, and then observe the front and back to confirm the safety , open the door and get off. The test is over.

Account 3 process summary:

1. From the left door, turn around the car in a clockwise direction to return to the left door and shout: report.

2. Before getting on the train, observe the traffic situation at the right rear side, and then get on the train according to the standard action.

3. After getting on the train, please ask the instructor to check the ID card, adjust the seat, adjust the left, middle and right rear-view mirrors, check the instrument and fasten the safety belt.

4. Take off the neutral gear, ignite and shift to the first gear, turn on the left turn light, honk the horn, release the hand brake, observe the rear-view mirror to the left and the endoscope to the right, confirm the safety, report to the instructor, all instruments work normally, whether to start?

Summary: 1 empty 2:3 first gear, turn the hand brake rearview mirror

5. After starting the vehicle at night, it is necessary to turn on the headlamp to set the low beam position and turn off the warning light.

6. The vehicle is running in a straight line. Please look at the left and right side of the endoscope every 15 seconds. Look at the left rear-view mirror. When meeting the intersection, please look at the situation of the intersection on the left and right side and slow down (driving at night with alternating high and low light)

7. In case of red light or parking, one handbrake and two neutral positions

8. When the instructor sends out the "stop at selected point" signal, put up the accelerator, turn on the right turn light, observe the endoscope and the right rear-view mirror to the right, confirm the safe right adjustment direction, step on the brake to reduce the speed to 20, and step by step ( gear) to reduce the gear.

9. Step off: after the vehicle is closed and stopped stably, pull the handbrake, take off the neutral gear, turn off the turn signal, release the clutch brake, turn off the engine, and shift gears. Report to the instructor that the operation is completed, remove the safety belt and get off the vehicle. Before getting off, observe the endoscope, rear-view mirror, half open the door and observe the left side of the vehicle. Then, turn right and close the door with the left hand.

Sum up as follows: hand brake neutral direction lamp, first gear rearview mirror off

If the subject passes the three-way test, the next part will be subject three theory test part (commonly known as subject four).

6. Subject 4 (common sense test of safe and civilized driving)

The main contents of the examination include the requirements of safe and civilized driving operation, the knowledge of safe driving under severe weather and complex road conditions, the temporary disposal methods in case of an emergency such as a flat tire and the disposal knowledge after a traffic accident. The test paper is composed of 50 questions, mainly in the form of cases, pictures, animations, etc. the types of questions are judgment questions, single choice questions and multiple choice questions, with a full score of 100 and 90 passing. In this paper, it is suggested that students can strengthen their theoretical knowledge learning through simulation practice or simulation test in driving school.

7. Obtaining driver's license

After passing the test of safe and civilized driving knowledge, the vehicle management office shall make the learner's driving license (the specific time of obtaining the license shall be subject to the time of issuing the license in the test room). Students need to take ID card to apply for driving license.

Notes to the new rules for driving test on April 1, 2016

The management of driving license practice period is stricter than before. The self-study direct test of driving license has been gradually implemented. It is no longer easy to change the driving license back to China in places such as South Korea & hellip & hellip; a series of new regulations on motor vehicle driving license will be implemented on April 1. The Provincial Traffic Police Corps explained the new regulations in detail on March 24.

Attention to driver's license examination 1: more strict management during driving practice

At present, if the off-site illegal behavior is recorded as 12 points, the driver's license will be cancelled if it is handled during the internship period; if it is handled after the internship period, the driver's license will be restored after passing the examination, and the driver's license will not be cancelled.

However, after the implementation of the new regulations on April 1, if the off-site violation occurs during the internship, the time of traffic violation will prevail. No matter when you deal with it, you will be disqualified from driving the quasi driving model during the internship.

Precautions for driver's license examination 2: the old driver's license will be invalid

After April 1, if you go to the traffic control department to deal with the violation again, you must provide the driving license, personal ID card and driving license. The staff will force the verification core number when dealing with the violation. If the core number of your driving license does not match the online registration, the driving license will be collected according to the invalid driving license.

Therefore, if your driver's license is inadvertently lost, you must go to the vehicle management office for replacement at the first time; after the new license is reissued, the lost driver's license will be invalid, and you don't need to worry that someone will pick up your driver's license and take it for sale.

Notes on driving test 3: the new regulation has no change in the score

The new regulation adds some regulations for the applicant of driving license during the period of learning to drive. In violation of the regulations, there is only a fine, and the existing score has not changed.

The new regulations include: if the applicant fails to carry the learning and driving certificate with him on the road, he shall be fined not less than 20 yuan but not more than 200 yuan; if the applicant fails to follow the route and time designated by the traffic management department, or fails to place and paste the special logo for the learning vehicle, the vehicle guide shall be fined not less than 20 yuan but not more than 200 yuan.

Tips for driving test 4: 'it's more difficult to get a license by detour'

According to the new regulations, if a mainland resident holds an overseas motor vehicle driver's license and stays in the country or region where the license is issued for less than three consecutive months, he / she shall take subject 1, subject 2 and subject 3 instead of subject 1 as before.

This provision is only applicable to mainland residents