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Notice of 4 staff in the supplementary staff of institutions affiliated to Xiamen Municipal Committe

According to the Interim Provisions of Xiamen Municipality on supplementary staff of public institutions, the Old Cadres Bureau of Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to recruit 4 staff members from Gulangyu cadre sanatorium in Xiamen to the public. Now we will publish the recruitment examination brochure as follows:

1、 Recruitment conditions

(1) Basic conditions for application

1. Having the nationality of the people's Republic of China;

2. Support the constitution of the people's Republic of China;

3. Good conduct and physical conditions for normal performance of post duties;

4. Qualified for recruitment position setting.

(2) No application

1. Full time non current graduates of ordinary colleges and universities (i.e. full-time general education students who only finish their studies in 2019 and later);

2. Active servicemen;

3. The civil servant (including the administrator referring to civil servant law, the same below) who has served for less than 2 years (including probation period), or the civil servant has been dismissed for less than 5 years;

4. Those who have been or are being punished for crimes; those who have been dismissed from public office; those who are suspected of illegal crimes and are undergoing judicial investigation but have not yet reached a conclusion; those who have not yet lifted Party discipline, political discipline or are undergoing disciplinary review;

5. The person who is employed to apply for the examination is the person who has the avoidance relationship in item 12, Part 7 of the cost profile;

6. Personnel under other circumstances that are not allowed to be employed as personnel of public institutions according to laws, regulations and rules.

Applicants who are not civil servants at the time of application, but become civil servants during the probation period after application and before employment, shall be disqualified from this examination or employment.

The staff members of the organs and institutions shall apply for the approval of their units.

The examination of candidates' qualifications runs through the whole process of recruitment. Once it is found that the candidates do not meet the requirements of the general rules or the qualifications for recruitment positions or provide false information (including the certification materials provided during the examination), the examination, employment qualification or employment contract shall be cancelled immediately.

2、 Recruitment position

For the recruitment unit, position, number of people and conditions, please refer to the position information table of staff in the supplementary edition of Gulangyu cadre sanatorium of Xiamen city.