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What happened to bitcoin robber's escape

What happened to bitcoin robber's escape bitcoin has a high rate of appearance in the past two years. Because of blackmail virus, bitcoin has been known all over the world overnight. Recently, a bitcoin robber escaped from prison in Iceland. What's the matter? Let's take a look at the details.

It is reported that the suspect, named Hindley & middot; sol & middot; Stefansson, escaped from the Songen prison in southern rural Iceland in the early morning of the 17th. He was transferred to the 'open' prison by the police 10 days ago. There is almost no defense, no fence, and the lowest level of security. The detainees can make phone calls and surf the Internet.

According to the report, the fugitive was arrested on February 2 on suspicion of stealing computers, together with 10 other people. At that time, Icelandic police said the stolen computers were worth about 200 million Icelandic kroner (about 2 million US dollars). The stolen computer was programmed to mine bitcoin. Police have yet to find the whereabouts of the computers. The amount of money involved in the case is unprecedented in Iceland's history.