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Latest sales policy and application conditions of public rental housing in Xiamen in 2018

Latest sales policy and application conditions of public rental housing in Xiamen in 2018 public rental housing is a social welfare policy. It is a kind of indemnificatory housing rented by the government or public authorities to low-income groups at a price lower than the market price. Public rental housing is a kind of welfare guarantee for many people who have temporary housing difficulties. So what are the latest sales policies and application conditions for public rental housing in Taiyuan in 2018? Let's have a look.

Application conditions for public rental housing in Xiamen

1. The applicant's registered address is in this district and has obtained the registered address of this city for at least 5 years (for the applicant with a single family, the age of late marriage shall be met; for the divorced, the age shall be at least 3 years).

2. The per capita monthly income of the applicant family was less than 580 yuan for one year in a row. The annual income of one family is less than 6960 yuan, and that of two families is less than 13920 yuan (for each additional family, 6960 yuan will be added).

3. The total assets of the applied family are less than 150000 yuan for one family, less than 230000 yuan for two families, less than 300000 yuan for three families, less than 380000 Yuan for four families, and less than 400000 yuan for five or more families.

4. The per capita use area of family housing is less than 7.5 square meters, and the applicant and family members have not sold or transferred the property within 5 years.

The content of the application conditions for public rental housing in Wuhan is here. It has one of the following situations: being demolished; having special and disabled persons; having persons over 60 years old (including); living in a house within the scope of danger relief determined by the municipal government; and having more than two family members who apply for building rental.

Administrative measures for public rental housing in Xiamen

The detailed rules for the administration and implementation of public rental housing (hereinafter referred to as the detailed rules) have been first announced to the society. This year, three new groups of public rental housing security objects have been added, including low-income housing families with difficulties, technical talents introduced by new employees and qualified migrant workers.

The rent of public rental housing shall be guided by the government, and differential rent shall be implemented for different groups; in terms of investment subjects, social funds shall be encouraged to participate in the construction of public rental housing, and preferential policies including tax have been formulated. The new three groups of migrant workers who are included in the public rental housing security group for the first time can apply for Chuxiong public rental alone. If the whole family lives in this area, the family is the application unit. In principle, the migrant workers with formal work shall be the applicants of each applying family, and other family members shall be the joint applicants.

According to the measures for the administration of public rental housing, the migrant workers applying for public rental housing must meet the following conditions: according to the relevant regulations on the settlement of migrant workers' points in Harbin, they must reach a certain score line; the applicant, his spouse, parents and unmarried children have selfless real estate in Harbin and the employing unit has not arranged or rented public housing; the family members of the applicant and its co applicants No property was purchased, sold or otherwise transferred in Harbin within 3 years prior to the application date. The lease term of the first public rental application is 3 years.