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How about girls taking the initiative in love? Tips for girls in love

In the pursuit of love, boys are generally more active. Today, I read Weibo and said that girls will gain a better man if they take the initiative. Should girls take the initiative? How about the girls taking the initiative? Take a look at this article.

Should girls take the initiative in love

Women will say that if a man doesn't take the initiative to say that he doesn't like himself enough, I admit that this may be very big, but if you are a confident woman, you should believe that a man may only see his own surface, or the tip of the iceberg, and that you are more internal than he can see and touch. Unless you only have a surface or a corner. What's more, some men may not take the initiative even if they meet a woman they like, because they are afraid of rejection just like women.

Men will cherish it. Many times it has little to do with who took the initiative. It's like the moon cake of the Mid Autumn Festival. It's given by others or asked by others. It's not the key that people will cherish this box of moon cakes. The key is what's inside when people open the box of moon cakes? Those women who feel that the price is falling are actually a mental evaluation. The most important thing is that they feel uncomfortable when they take the initiative, because they are very concerned about other people's opinions or fear of rejection. If they want to cure their own characteristics, the way is to deliberately take the initiative to experience this bad feeling, and gradually desensitize to such things.

When people take the initiative to attack, life and love are in their own hands. If people have been in a passive position, life and love will no longer be in their own hands, but in the hands of others. If others take the initiative, there will be a possibility. If others do not take the initiative, there will be no possibility.

In fact, when a woman likes a person, she can directly and actively pursue.

Is it better or worse for girls to take the initiative in love

When in love, girls should be proactive but not able to make men feel it. This is a very technical place. When a girl is in love, she should make it clear that you are more active, but also make a man feel that he is more active in this relationship, because he has conquered you. So, a lot of times, you can give the other party some hints properly. The so-called initiative doesn't need you to say or do a lot directly. What can you do to make your initiative turn into the other party's initiative.

In fact, it's OK for girls to take the initiative, but it can't be too obvious or too frequent. You can ask each other out once in a while. If the other party is going to make an appointment, don't really just have a meal with the other party and watch a movie. When the two people are alone, you can pretend to be inadvertently close to each other, and then wait for the next step of the other party's action.

Many girls may worry that if the girls are too active in love, the boys will not cherish it. In fact, the girls' initiative is only to attract the boys. If the boys like you, you will naturally take action. On the contrary, if the boys don't like you, no matter how active you are, the boys will be indifferent. Most of the time, boys don't cherish a person, but it depends on the charm of the girl. If you have enough charm, boys will hold you naturally.

Love tips for girls

1. Don't take the initiative to test a man often, let alone to break up as a threat. When you often give him such a hint, he may break up with you one day, and it will not pay in the end.

2. Don't expand your rights without limitation because a man loves you, and don't actively interfere in his ideals, beliefs and pursuits. He must have some characteristics you don't know, so don't interfere excessively. He has his thoughts and ideas, and I hope you can support and understand him.

3. Don't be too proactive. Always take the initiative to be good to men, they will form a habit. After a long time, if you are a little bad to him, he will be tired of you and want to break up with you. You must grasp the degree between initiative and reserve to keep him.