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What are the microfinance apps? Which microfinance apps are easy to pass

What are the small loan apps that are easy to pass? Which small loan apps are easy to pass? Today's small edition of the practice of small loans. A ranking was made according to their down payment rate. The specific details are compiled for your report.

Little flower wallet

Application limit: 20000; the audit time is a little long, and the payment rate is not high; automatically scan the address book and call all the phone numbers in the address book to confirm the loan, if any, it depends on the character.

Star pocket

The limit is between 500 yuan and 2000 yuan. After obtaining the credit line successfully, you need to upload the ID card and verify the bank card to withdraw cash. After applying, please pay attention to answering the phone number of 010.

Intimate loan

Generally about 5000, the first successful loan amount is up to 3000, and there are many customers who have successfully applied for 1500-2000. It is recommended to apply for 1000-1500 for the first time, and then gradually increase the application. If the application is higher, there will be a customer service mm return visit, and then you will be prompted to reduce the application amount and apply again. The first batch of 5000 is impossible.

Pay loan

The limit is 500 -. 3000; the disadvantage is that it's once a week, which is a bit cumbersome; it's the most likely to miss a call and reject Shanghai in seconds, so there's no need for credit.

Lightning loan

The credit limit is between 1k-3w (this is the time when people are competing); the first loan process of new customers is simple, the loan limit is about 3000-6000, and it is also immediately arrived on Sunday, without credit, fast payment and little information.

Mobile phone loan

Application limit: up to 30W; the amount of mobile loan is quite large, and the loan rate will be higher if there is a house loan (mobile loan and mobile loan are not the same thing!). It is better not to apply again immediately after repayment, otherwise the passing rate of re application will be affected

Cash bus

Limit: 500, 1000 up to 2000; although the limit of cash bus is relatively low, but the payment rate is leverage drop ~ don't think that you don't want to loan if the payment is less, but others allow you to continue to loan ~ (phase I has not yet applied for phase II, phase I has been completed and then applied for phase III, recycling is available).