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Can salt water wash nose really treat rhinitis? Precautions for nose washing with salt water

Read a lot of health posts from friends, saying that using salt water to wash the nose can treat rhinitis, is it true? When using salt water to wash the nose, you should pay attention to the aspects to avoid hurting the nasal cavity. What does saltwater wash the notice of nose have?

1. What kind of brine should be used. This is crucial. If you don't know the details, it will backfire in the end. It is recommended that you buy saline for injection to use, because it is clean and the concentration is appropriate. 0.9% normal saline is the most suitable for nasal cilia swing (normal nasal cilia swing is an important sign of normal nasal function). If the concentration is too high, it will do harm to the nasal cilia swing. So in general, only 0.9% is enough.

Second, if you mix salt water yourself, the method is to add 4.5g salt to 500ml water, which is 0.9% salt water.

Third, pay attention not to use the salt at home. Generally, the salt used now is iodized salt, which is not suitable for use in the nasal cavity. Iodine can be eaten in a small amount, but it can not be used in the nasal cavity. The absorption of human body is limited after iodine is taken orally, but the absorption of iodine in the nasal cavity is large. In medicine, the effect of intranasal administration is equivalent to intramuscular injection, because the capillary in the nasal cavity is very rich, a little improper is easy to cause damage to human body.

2. What kind of people can use high concentration brine and what kind of people can't use it. The effect of high concentration brine is quick, but it has some side effects. Therefore, it should not be used for more than 7 days. In general, patients with nasal congestion can consider the appropriate use of high concentration of salt water, because high concentration of salt water detumescence faster, can quickly solve the symptoms of nasal congestion. But people without a stuffy nose or a dry nose should not use high concentration salt water, which will not work but may aggravate.

3. It is better to heat the water before use, so the effect will be better, the nasal cavity will not be stimulated, and the use will be more comfortable. The temperature of hot water can be controlled at the same temperature as the body temperature, that is to say, it can be done by hand, without being very accurate. Pay attention not to burn it. Especially for allergic rhinitis, this is very important. Many allergic rhinitis are very sensitive to the change of cold and temperature. If cold water is used, it will aggravate the symptoms.

4. It's better to use special nose washing tools. At present, there are various kinds of nose washing tools on the market in China. Generally, the more expensive ones will have better effect, the cheaper ones will also have effect, but they may not be as advanced as those tools. The main difference of these tools is the cleaning effect, some can reach more parts of the nasal cavity, some can not, so the final treatment effect is also different.