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Which latex mattress brands do Thailand have? How to choose latex mattress

Thailand's latex mattress is very famous, many people will buy it when they travel to Thailand, because the latex mattress is comfortable and does not deform and is not easy to breed bacteria, which is very popular. What are some good latex mattresses in Thailand? Take a look with Xiaobian.

Thailand latex mattress brand list

Thailand's better latex mattress mainly includes: ventry, bekii, dayjoy, skytex, patex, tulip, etc.

Thailand Royal Suwan latex pillow

The first brand of Thailand's latex pillow is only sold in Thailand's Suwan latex pillow exclusive stores, and there is no discount. There are two production plants of Thailand's Royal Suwan latex pillow, one is Bangkok plant, the other is Phuket plant. The simplest way to distinguish is that the pillow case of Bangkok plant can be disassembled, while the pillow case of Phuket plant can't be disassembled, and the bhipu produced by Bangkok plant The quality of production in Kyrgyzstan is a little better. Now, Suwan latex pillow produced by Bangkok factory has been sold to China.

Napatika latex pillow

It's a brand-name product of the Royal latex pillow. It didn't last long. It was unknown a year ago. Now it's very popular. One of the most important reasons is that the former sales director of ventry jumped to napatika and set up his own door. He started from the tour guide leader to open up the market. The bull made a fuss and soared to the sky.


Thailand's most popular latex brand, because of its low price, high cost performance and large sales volume, the 24-hour operation of the manufacturer's production line can not meet the strong purchasing power of China.

Latex mattress guide

First, according to their sleep habits, choose the corresponding latex mattress area;

Secondly, the latex mattress should not be too thin, and the thickness of the latex should be at least 1 inch (3 cm); if you put it on the existing spring mattress, choose the best one with the thickness of 5-10 cm; if you put it on the slatted bed, choose the one with the thickness of 10 cm upward, preferably 15-18 cm; in addition, if the thickness of the latex mattress is more than 20 cm, its experience will not be obvious with the increase of the thickness Increase. Therefore, the thickest latex mattress is 20cm in general. If it needs to be thickened in special circumstances, it can be customized;

Next, judge whether it is natural latex mattress according to some characteristics of latex:

(1) Press - the latex mattress will rebound quickly when pressed down by hand.

(2) Smell - natural latex will give off a light smell of frankincense (this smell is the smell of latex itself), which is non-toxic and harmless.

(3) Touch -- feel comfortable, as tender and smooth as baby's skin; it's normal for sweat hands to touch latex mattress to make latex turn yellow.

(4) Ask -- ask the sales staff if they can wash the latex with water. The most convenient thing is that the latex can be washed with water. The natural latex is easy to be cleaned by hand (it is not needed in general, it only needs to be gently patted). As long as it is dehydrated, it can be dried with an electric fan without deformation.

(5) Look - natural latex has thousands of honeycomb pores that hold more air than other fibers. These holes can discharge the waste heat and moisture discharged by the human body, promote natural ventilation, provide the best natural air conditioning system, keep the air in the mattress fresh and healthy, and keep comfortable every season.

How to distinguish the true from the false of latex mattress in Thailand

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The higher the purity of the natural latex pillow, the stronger the toughness, so you can lift a bump in the middle of the latex pillow and gently move it up and down a few times. If it is easily broken, it is synthetic rubber. The more easily broken, the lower the latex content.

Two smell:

Authentic natural latex products will have a light, if there is no flavor of frankincense, which is non-toxic and harmless, and belongs to the flavor of latex itself, while fake and inferior products will have a more pungent and strong chemical flavor.

Three touch:

Gently slide your fingers back and forth to touch the real latex products, which are as smooth and tender as the baby's skin, while the fake products will be relatively rough, and the fake products will appear peeling when touched.

Four break:

Products can be broken by hand. Synthetic rubber and latex products with low purity will easily crack. The toughness of real latex products is excellent and it is not easy to break.

Finally, I want to tell you that although latex products are good, the consequences of buying fake and inferior products are not only being cheated. Because the raw materials are harmful chemicals to human body, they will inevitably cause great harm to human body. Therefore, all consumers must recognize authentic latex products and be smart consumers.