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Do you know how to wear T-shirt? What kind of face does T-shirt fit

Four seas net: about the collar's choice, and age, height, weight's relation is not big, most needs is the face shape. T-shirt collars are naturally different for different face types. What collars are suitable for different face types? What face shape suits a T-shirt with a round neck? What face shape suits a V-neck T-shirt? Let's analyze the next wave.

Oval face

This should be the most perfect face shape. It's the ideal face shape. It's really flawless. It doesn't need a collar or hairstyle to decorate it. So it's suitable for all collars. Fairies with this face shape don't have to tangle at all. It's OK to wear a round neck T-shirt~

Inverse triangle face

In fact, this face shape is almost perfect, similar to the heart shape, but also a bit like "melon seed face", with a wide forehead and a small jaw. It is also the ideal shape for many girls who like short face. So I don't need to think about it. It's a good-looking T-shirt for what kind of collar to wear.

Triangular face

This kind of face is just the opposite of the inverse triangle face. It has a wide lower jaw, a smaller upper forehead and a pear shape. This kind of face is more suitable for V-neck T-shirt than round neck T-shirt, because the design of V-neck can make this kind of face look softer.

Square face

This kind of face looks like an image. It's more spacious and gives people a strong sense of angle. If you wear a round collar, it will look more spacious! So it's better to wear a T-shirt with a U-neck, which can relax the face shape. Of course, if the face is square but not large, it is very personalized.

Rectangular face

This kind of face also has a sense of contour, but it is also very long. You can keep bangs to ease it. It's not recommended to have a round collar on the collar as it is on the top. But the boat collar, square collar and horizontal collar are all very suitable~

Prismatic face

This kind of face looks very sharp and long, and the upper forehead and lower jaw are very narrow. You can use your hair style to decorate it, leave a fringe over your forehead, and then comb the hair on your temples a little fluffy, so that you can decorate it into an inverse triangle. Any t-shirt with collar will look very good~

Round face

This face is wide and full, suitable for increasing the sense of length, which can better reduce the round feeling. V-neck T-shirt is the most suitable way to relax. When wearing a round neck T-shirt, the neckline needs to be larger than the face shape, so the face is very small. Don't choose a round neck T-shirt that is too close to the neck~